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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rat Racer!!

I seem to have this "Vitamin-T" stuff pretty well ironed out now. Not taking too much so that I swell with fluid and watch my testicles shrink, but enough to have a reasonable amount of recovery and a better sense of vitality. Of course that testicle shrinking made my ball sack hang less, so like Daniel Tosh, I don't need to get an occasional tattooed line on my inside leg to mark where they hang. And since one is longer than the other, which side do I use as a guide? Huh! Anyway, like my son, when I run well, I don't seem to have any real problems navigating thru life, and I am pretty much without want. I long ago recognized that stuff didn't make me very happy in and of itself, or if it did, not for a very long period of time. If I had learned that closer to his age, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and money. Of course I learned it just in time to take that buyout I created and retire!! So, a dilemma of sorts has been created with this 60 year old vitality. Although I recover better, and the engine is stronger, I am still like a guy who puts a souped up rebuilt engine in an old long will it be before I tear the rest of the car apart! When I extend my long run to over an hour and forty five minutes, and do long intervals as part of a seven mile run, I spend the following mornings limping around for about two hours before the chassis gets functional again. My desires for some more defining event, like a marathon or a short ultra, are starting to dig at me like some crazed tick, but my rational mind keeps going "do you want to enjoy this for a few more years or risk it all on what's behind door number three"? Talking to my friend Frank who is planning the marine corps half this spring and the marine corps full in the fall just makes the tick bigger. But he has just run more than a decade, whereas I will begin my 37th year in April. I think I could safely, maybe, massage twenty more minutes on alternating weeks of long runs, and just squeeze out a little more distance on those long intervals, and maybe get under that 2 hour 1/2 marathon mark, or, I could just stop where I am at and run a crap load of 5 and 10K races over the next few years, and if a 15K, 8 mile trail race, or 10 miler comes up, be able to run them on what I am already doing. 2012 may get interesting.....

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

Yes, I'd guess there's a fine line between having a 2hr long run........or a 2 hour wheelchair excursion to get the mail. I'd be just as proud cheerleading you through the shorter stuff.