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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Of Those, Rare, Great Runs!

Had a good 12K run on tuesday a bit brisker than normal. Today I went out planning to run 8K with some real intensity. I warmed up for 20 minutes and felt surprisingly good. I then did three long intervals of 8,5, and 5 minutes with 2 1/2 minute recoveries. The 8 minute interval was at my 5K race pace, the real one, not that crap from july 3rd. And the two 5 minute intervals were at comparable 2 mile race pace. Felt great the whole way thru, which happens so rarely these days. I have the opportunity to run a 2 mile race on august 9th to support las cruces high school cross country, and I may try to run that two miles at the pace I did those two 5 minute intervals in. We shall see. The only bad part of the run was that parts of my track were wet from yesterdays lunatic two hour flooding storm, so I had to go to the edges a few times and I seemed to pick up every lose goathead in Deming. Will have to sit on the back pad tomorrow in my old man metal rocking chair and take deb's old eyebrow tweezers and pull them all out......
Tomorrow I will be up at 9:00 or so and on the road to Las Cruces bye 10:30 to pick up Deb's new DUB, whichever one it is.......

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pay Attention Ernie, I Am Talking About Cars!

Had three good runs this week and hope to add one more tonight. On tuesday I ran 12K....10K easy, and then 2K hard after sundown. On wednesday I ran 8K easy, which was a slog after my usual weak recovery from the previous day. On friday I ran a brisk 13K on a cooler than usual day here. On saturday I rode my new bike to the gym, and when I got there I had a flat front tire. Did my workout, and then walked home. I removed the tire, and it was a pinch flat on the tube. So I payed $20 extra to have these tires installed before the bike was shipped, and the idiot who installed didn't bother to put the tube on, slightly inflate it, before putting the tire on. I sent them a nice pissed off email and haven't heard back yet. Sure was a nice super hot 3 mile walk home. Today I will go out in the evening and try to do an 8K with some form of interval intensity included. That would give me 41K for the week which hits my goal quite nicely.
Tomorrow I will head into Las Cruces. I will first hit the bike shop and get a tube put into the tire (my tubes won't work because the tires are plastic and have these silly aero rims that need those tubes with extra long stems). Will also pick up two spare tubes for the future....I have an appointment at 3:00 for an oil change which will be free while they attempt to talk me into buying a new car. I got a letter offering me the free service plus 115% black book trade in value for my car. Doubt that they will hit a number acceptable to me on trade in, but I will drive two cars there just to see if I like them. The have a blue passat sport 1.8L turbo that is absent all the fancy bells and whistles like nav and useless sun roof and big wheels. That car is 27,000. I want to see if the drivers compartment is any roomier than the jetta. It says it is an inch and a half more leg room and two inches more head room, but it is really a bigger car than I need. We rarely drive with more than deb and I in the car. The other car (yes, this is for you ernie!) is the jetta gli 30th anniversary edition which is 29,500. It HAS all the bells and whistles.....2.0L engine, nav and back up camera, sport tuned suspension, 8 speaker fender sound system, weird steering wheel (kind of square shaped), sport seats, etc. They also give you .9% financing for 60 months, and a thousand buck gas card. Would still need a hell of a deal to make it in any way affordable. So, I will do the dance and get my free oil change. IF I were to buy a car, and there are lots of deals out there for summer, I would do it in the next two months, as the next service on my car is the 40 thousand mile service and it runs $700. Also got an offer from Volvo of el paso for an S60 for $33,000 with 5 years bumper to bumper warranty, service included, but again, would need a great trade in offer and still would have to throw in about 5 grand of cash to make the payments in my $250 max wheel house.....anyway, probably just gonna be a waste of time for a free oil change, but it is what it is......

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The "Unknown Participant"!

Had a good run last night.....ran 11K easy in the heat and humidity, and then ran 2K at dusk at tempo speed. Sore today, but going to go back out at 7:40 and run an easy 8K, and then hit the gym on thursday. Two days in a row of running, with one of them having intensity, is about as much as I can orthopaedically handle.
The results from the electric light parade 5K from July 3rd in the evening were posted yesterday. Now that was my WORST and most painful 5K ever, between the high heat and humidity, body and building heat from the thousands of folks lining the route, the spectators bobbing and weaving thru the runners to get across the street to buy all the shiny crap that lights up, and the worst thing of all, all the smoke sparking my asthma from all the damn grills. So I was amused to open the link to the results, and to see right at the top, number 126 as "unknown participant" with no name, age, or place in any sub division. So, when I was the first registrant on race day, the two retards who took my money and completed registration form didn't put my name, age, etc into the computer, nor did they add it to my race number. So, I am the "unknown participant". Now, as it turns out, I was actually 2nd in the 60 to not dead age group. Don't care much about the bling, but Chris, AD, Beckers, and Deb all felt bad for me cause I didn't place and the other three all did. Didn't bother me that much because I felt so absolutely horrible about my time......Anyway, I emailed the las cruces running club and identified myself, asking that the results be updated to include me. Don't want the medal, just want my last year of race results, 10 races in all, to show that I placed somewhere in all of them......

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gym Commute!

Yesterday was an unusual day here in all day into evening rain. We only get two or three days a year like this. I had a pretty busy day. Hit the gym early to work on my grocery carrying muscles. Came home and my "singlespeed bike in a box" was here. I opened the garage to enjoy the rain while I assembled it. Took me three hours. Terry would have done it in 30 or 40 minutes. The bike was unassembled except for the bottom bracket and crank arms. I had it assembled when I discovered that I had the fixie chainring side set up (meaning you don't get to coast and the pedals and crank arms never stop), so I had to take the rear apart again and flip the rear wheel to the freewheel side. So then it would coast. Went over to Joe's after for a celebratory beer and a few snacks. Came home and made Deb some crab and shrimp stuffed flounder, onion, pepper, and mozzarelli bruschetta, and some lemon and butter asparagus.
After dinner, I showered and watched some TV while sucking bourbon.
Today After getting coffee and some breakfast, I went back in the garage and swapped out the saddle on the bike to an older one I had with a slightly wider base and a bit more padding for my old bony ass derriere, and then did some final brake adjustments. I then rode one way up to the gym, and another way back. Took me 13 minutes each way, but one was a bit more of a beater on rough road and some gravel, so will will probably take the first one. That is a mile and a half on the bike trail, cross over to florida road, cut south in about 100 yards to escape traffic, and run on a parallel road to the backside of the gym. So, I am awaiting a small messenger backpack to carry the lock, gym ID, ipod, gym gloves, and leave room for a bottle of bourbon from the grocery store. That should be here bye friday, so I will be ready to go.....
After 7 days of some amount of rain, looks like we may be clear tonight so I will probably be getting back out around 7:30 again for a run....still is a good bit more humid though!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1000 Kilometers Vs. 1000 Miles....

In my hay days, in my mid 30's and early 40's, I would usually hit the 1000 mile mark somewhere in May of each year. In a good year, I would hit it early, and during a few years with injury or illness, hit it late in may or even early in june. I bring all this up because this week I hit the 1000 kilometer mark for the year on monday. It was halfway thru an 11K run. So I am not even a kilometer of the man I used to be......geesh. Anyway, all three runs this week were in rain. On the monday run, there was also an unfortunate ten minute period of hail. No haboobs though, just light to medium downpoors. Was a nice change from the sun and heat. So monsoon season this year is more regular than usual, with clouds coming in around 3 or 4, and rain around 6. I ran 11K on monday, 8K with 2.5K at tempo speed on wednesday, 9K on friday, and I will try for 11-13K tonight depending on how I feel. Forecast is identical for the next 7 days....highs of 92 or 93, cooling in the late afternoon with storms due each evening. Like I said....the weather that is normal for july into mid august. Found a cheap single speed bike to replace the scooter for rides to the is state bicycle co. out of phoenix. 62cm cheap steal. It ships for free and is due here tomorrow. Will swap out my eggbeater clipless pedals from my trek for now. The only changes I made to the bike were the addition of riser grips (which were a free exchange) and gatorskin tires which were an upgrade. Need them for the occasional goatheads. Went to bike nashbar and picked up a chain/lock and a small backpack messenger bag for when I need to go over to peppers and buy bourbon. There is a nice bike rack at the gym that is rarely used and it is right out of the front door. Chris and AD had their bikes there all summer long a year ago, unlocked, and there was never a problem, so I expect that I will be pretty safe. Never had any problems with the scoot.
The guy who bought my scoot I will pick up in El Paso on saturday August 30th, drive him here, and then he will do the first 400 miles of his three day ride back to omaha. Can't wait to meet this 68 year old mad man......

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where's The Monsoons?

July 1st began the forecast for monsoon season 2014. The weather weenies have called for the possibility of thunderstorms from that day onward, and the 10 day forecast shows low 90's and again, possible thunderstorms every evening. So far, we have gotten one ten minute storm late on sunday evening. I was able get in an easy 8 miler on sunday (13K), due to the fact that it was overcast with cool winds. That is about as long as I want to go anymore based on my orthopaedic limitations. Tonight I will try to go 10K with 3 or 4 cruise intervals to try and start to ratchet up intensity. On two of the days of july so far, I ended up running in small haboobs. Looked like a rainstorm, but turned out to just be dust. Hate running in those.....
On July 3rd, phoenix has gotten it's first haboob of the season. The picture on top is from someone getting out on a plane just as the haboob was hitting. Nice huh.....Phoenix, which has been in drought the past three years is getting these fairly regularly now instead of monsoon storms. Man made global weather effect? Course is just a hoax perpetrated bye liberals to.....I can never figure out why those liberals want to perpetrate this hoax!
one hour left to go on my ebay listing of the scoot. I have one bid, so it looks like it is sold. That will make Deb happy. Since her accident last December, she is anxious every time I ride it. Although I do enjoy it and will miss it, can't do it at her expense. This will also pay for the new bed I bought, new glasses for Deb, getting the car it's expensive 40 thousand mile service, and buying a cheap single speed bike to ride to the gym that I can afford to be stolen. I can ride safe back streets on the bike path to the gym and take a small back pack if I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store next to the gym. That will also save the insurance costs and maintenance on the scoot, as little as those are. Gotta start to prepare for those higher costs for medical care for Deb that begin in 2016. Like my bud little "E" calls it, "the eroding of our standard of living"!

Friday, July 4, 2014

PW.......Personal Worst!

Races are good, bad, and ugly. This one was incredibly ugly. My bride rode in with me with the promise of an IHOP meal after the race, and a chance to hang with Chris's wife AD. It had rained a bit in the afternoon, and was a nice 96 degrees and humid at race start. The race was run before a festival of lights parade. The run and parade was a one mile loop around the town square. It seemed that half of las cruces lined both sides of the street with thousands of kids. The kids all had bubble guns and light sticks and all kinds of light necklaces and bracelets. There were vendors with carts selling all this crap. There were also grills everywhere. There were about 250 racers running the race. Between the heat and humidity, all the horrible smoke smells, the uncontrolled spectators with kids and vendors weaving around the road, it was a freaking zoo. I got exactly half way on the 9 minute a mile pace I wanted to hold when the wheels started to come off and I faded to a final time of 29:04 for a 9:21 pace. I have real trouble with smoke, as it sets my asthma off. I was a wheeze bag bye the end. I quit marathoning when I couldn't finish in 4 hours or less. Quit the half when I couldn't go sub 2 hours. My last two 10K's were 57 and 56 minutes and change. When I can't get under an hour, that ends also. If my 5K goes over 30 minutes, then that is God's signal that my racing career is completely done......that is the first 5K with a 29 handle! A nice PW!
AD ran a 23:34 and was the women's 30-39 winner. Chris ran a 17:31 and won the race outright, and if he had had any competition, could have run faster. I was way out of the money in the 60-69 age group. Results aren't up yet, but I didn't recognize the three winners in my age group, and the winner actually ran a 19:48, which age adjusted, was faster than Chris! Hope to never see him again!
Enjoyed my time with my bride, Chris, and AD, and treated them all to a late night light meal at IHOP. Don't know when I will race again, but it will probably be in the fall when the heat has died down, and I can do some intense speed work, but the ugly memory of this sure left a bad taste in my mouth......