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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Locked In!

I think I am pretty much locked into a routine now....One that I hope will serve me over the next few years or so.....Running just 4 days a week, trying for some intensity on three, with one easy and short as a recovery. The other three days in the gym with a whole body routine including more leg work. I will still be able to run the occasional races from half an hour to an hour, but that would be it, and the hour ones will be pretty taxing. So that, as they say, is that.....
On Tuesday I did 10K with a 20 minute tempo interval. Thursday 9K with 14 minutes of two minutes on, one off, then a 3 minute recovery, then two 4 minute intervals hard with a 2 minute recovery. whooped after that one. Saturday was dragged, so chose to have it as an easy 8K run. Today I also did 8K with 4 by 2 minutes at mile race pace. So a good 35 kilometer week with about 50 total minutes of intensity. Will take a week like this  now anytime! Other three days were approximately 45 minutes of weight  work, with 4 additional lower body exercises. If shit holds together, will try racing two weeks from monday...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Lighter Week!

Sometimes, things just get a bit out of  your reach! Anyway, I guess getting up and putting it in your basket was out of the question! Maybe he should have gone down a shelf and tried for the diet pepsi!
Back was on and off irritating this week. Did less miles, but had reasonable intensity. On Tuesday did 9K with 8 minute interval followed by 3 minute recovery, 4 minute interval followed by 2 minute recovery, and 3 minute interval. Pace faster on each interval.  Thursday did 10K strong. Saturday did 8K with 20 minute LT interval pretty fast, and today I did 9K a total of 36K week.
Hot week this week, and still supposed to be in the 90's for most of next week. Looking forward to shutting off the air conditioning and getting nice breezes thru here, especially at night. But, gotta hold off for another week!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Running Than Expected!

This was the original Elfie from 1946.....the Miami Seahawks were a one year AFL team that went under, and became the genesis for the Baltimore Colts. They lost to the Browns 44-0 in the Browns season opener, and again 34-0  late in the season. Two years later, the Elfie that we know became the mascot.  Now it is a real mastif dog. Anyway, Browns opened horribly and RG3 got hurt, so busines as usual. 
Due to scheduling issues, I ran more days than expected, and only got in two days at the gym. On Monday I ran 8K including 4-3-2-1 minute intervals hard with 2 minute recoveries. Tuesday was a hard gym day.....was sore all evening which is unusual. Wednesday I ran 9K with 4X4 minute intervals with two minute recoveries pretty hard. Thursday was 7K easy. Friday was an easier gym day. Saturday was a ten minute 20/40 second interval workout with a 2 minute recovery, followed up by two 4 minute intervals with a two minute recovery. That workout made me feel beat like I now do after a race. Today I did an easy 7k for a weekly total of 40K.....Got a possible race for Monday Oct 10th if the body holds to see how much more I have slowed!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Easier Week!

I may be old and crotchety, but I constantly try to continue to learn! weather it is investing, exercise, home maintenance, or good old fashioned world affairs, I just keep at it. I continually evolve my exercise routine based on research, and I found an interesting short book recently about exercising later in life. It is one of those titles I find so to run to age 100......I don't think I will live past my 70's, so I doubt running will be as issue beyond that! Anyway, the gist of the book, by a guy a few years older who has run more than 50 years, is that when things change from your competitive life to just trying to keep active, your focus has to change. He still runs short races, but just for fun, and says your plan should be more focused on physical vitality. To insure that, you still run, but you must focus much more on weight training to combat the most destructive force in aging, specifically beyond age 65....the loss of muscle mass. His plan calls for 3-4 runs per week, with no run longer than an hour, two runs with just a few intervals, but as reasonably fast as possible, and more weight work than I am doing, especially lower body that I always skipped, thinking running was enough. He limits intervals to around 5 quarters one time, and two halves the other. The lower body weight work includes abductors (pushing legs outward),lateralis (pulling legs inward), one leg presses, and calf raises. Anyway, got more work to do at the gym, and my spine would probably appreciate less running!
Got 4 shorter runs in this week. My spine was bothering me, as well as the fact that I felt like I needed an easy week....On Tuesday I did 8K with a 22 minute tempo interval. Thursday I did 8K with just 4 three minute intervals hard with two minute recoveries. Friday I did 6K easy, and tonight, 10K easy for a total of 32K for the week. Felt good without feeling too beat up. May be more of what my running future looks like!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Season Is Close!

The season is upon us and the Browns are in first place.....for now. Expecting a better team than last year, but the defense remains horrible.....bad run defense and tiny corners and safeties that don't seem to know how to arm tackle, and make small receptions into big plays. We will have to win by outscoring with our three extremely large and talented wide receivers.
Damn sore today from running an easy 12K in just shy of an hour and a half yesterday. Don't have an explanation as to why this run made me so much more sore than some of the other long maybe. On Tuesday I ran 9K with two 12 minute tempo intervals separated by a 2 minute recovery. On Thursday, I again ran 9K including 6 by 3 minute intervals separated by 1 1/2 minute recoveries. Pace and heart rate increased on each interval. So, today I plan to  just run an easy 7K or so to finish the week. Again, orthopaedically I feel like I am pressing the envelope here, and just can't do much more without too much risk. May take a bit of a recovery week next week, and then work my way back up to where I currently am. Have a few 5K's I may run in the fall, and there is a hilly 10K I ran two years ago January in Las Cruces that I may try and do again next year. Will have to see how things transpire.....

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kinesio Boy Takes Bronze!

Really pleased that Galen Rupp, aka kinesio tape boy, won the bronze in the marathon, after coming up just short in the 10K. He has now run two marathons in the 2:11 and 2:10 range in very hot and humid weather. I can see him breaking 2:10 in a good fall marathon one of these days....
Had a very good week of running this week. Ran 11K easy on Tuesday. Thursday I ran 8K with 5 by 4 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. Felt good and the pace was strong. Going to keep my intervals at no shorter than 3 minutes, as this seems to work best for the spine. Saturday I went out in the mid afternoon heat and ran a rough 8K with two tempo intervals of 13 and 12 minutes with a three minute recovery interval. Pace was horrible in the heat. On sunday, I beat the storms and had a cool evening run of 12K. So 39K for the week which is a kilometer short of perfect for what I am trying to accomplish. My back is also improved I think due to just a crazy amount of core work on machines at the gym. Back is still arthritic and sore on and off, but the neurological crap seems to be behind me for the moment.....hope it lasts a while. Looking at two fall races if things hold up. Just never know....I can be dandy one week, and fucked the next!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

And We Progress... Brownies looked pretty bad in their first pre-season game. Neither line was effective. Our QB's are all going to  get injured if the blocking schemes don't get solved quickly. Our 3rd round pick, Kody Kessler from USC looked about the best, but of course, he was going against a third team defense. Can you say 3-13 again?
Had a bit better running again this week. On Tuesday I ran an easy 11K. Thursday started out easy, but got caught in hard cold rain and hail. Chris got me at around 8.5K, and he jogged and I had to push to tempo pace to keep up. We finished 11K. Saturday I did 8K again in a cold rain with 5 by 3 minute intervals with 1.5 minute recoveries. I will keep trying to do 15-16 minutes of speed work again, but won't do intervals  faster than three minutes. When i go to two minutes or below, the orthopaedic damage to my spine is just too great. Today I will go out in the evening and do another shorter easy run to finish the week. Again, 4 runs a week  with twenty minutes of tempo and fifteen minutes of intervals should be enough if I get foolish enough to try and run a 5K somewhere in the fall...