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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Then The Weather Changed!

After a week of mostly mid 90's, friday and saturday nights brought monstrous thunder storms. Saturday nights storm shook the house and scared the crap out of the two cats. Had to don my fisherman suit! Mugsy was shaking at the foot of the couch were he lays when he is not on my lap. The forecast for the next 7 days is thunderstorms and low 70's. Maybe those weather dudes will be right about us having a colder and wetter fall and winter. 
Ran a bit more than I wanted this week for a total of 45 kilometers. Ran 9K on tuesday with three long cruise intervals of 9 minutes each with 3 minute recoveries. Last one was  way too fast as Chris came up behind me in the middle and pushed me. Wednesday  was the hottest day of the week at 96, and I did  8K easy near sundown. Thursday I did another 8K with 6 intervals of 3 minutes hard with 2 minute recoveries.  Friday was the gym. Saturday was finally cool, so I went out mid day to do a long run of 12K. Today I finished the week with an east 7K in the nice cool post rain 67 degree weather. So I have had 4 straight weeks of 40K plus running, but still slow and only in the early phase of increasing intensity. Got a lot of hard work to do over the next 3 months......

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I See, A Blood Moon Rising!

Finished my run tonight under a red eclipsing moon. Due to be a full eclipse in the next hour or so.....Last one I will ever see, as the next one is not due for 33 years. Although, if you believe that woman mormon prophet, this signals the beginning of the reaping, so this could be the last one anyone gets to see!

Ran another 5 day 41K week. On my monday run, I ran 8K easy and 2K hard at the end. On wednesday I Ran 8K with 26 minutes of alternating 200's. That was tough. Thursday was an easy 8K. Saturday I ran 7K with 4 bye 4 minutes at race pace with only one minute recoveries. That was also tough. Today I finished the week with an easy 8K. Happy with this amount and plan to stay around there. Just want to push out my long run one more kilometer, and get my two intense days a  week to a total of 5K of tempo/cruise intervals, and 3K of short repeats/intervals. That is about all that I care to safely try at this tender age. Was reading an article that summarized all of the recent health studies, especially cardiac for us old fucks, and it says that optimal health benefits come from 2 1/2 to 4 hours a week of running, with an 80/20 split of easy to intense. My 40K weeks push me to around 4 hours and 20 minutes, but that will be enough. What they found is that running more than 4 hours puts you  on equal footing with the sedentary regarding cardiac function, and doing too much high intensity leaves you with certain kinds of heart damage and arithmias. I have had arithmias on and off during my running career, so I am sure my heart is somewhat fucked up bye now. Anyway, don't want to drag this life out too long ......

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Bit Better Week!

Based on scheduling, ended up running 5 days this week. On Tuesday, I took the car in for its first free annual servicing. After I was done, I went and ran on the Tom Quade Memorial Fitness Path at NMSU. It was 96 degrees, and I wilted after 6 kilometers. Wednesday I ran 8 K including six 3 minute intervals with two minute recoveries. Felt good to start going faster, even though it is much slower than pre disk herniation. Thursday was just an easy 8K. Saturday I did a longer run of 11K, and today I did a faster run of 8K with AD. So, my first 41K week since early June. 
Johnny rehab had a pretty good day....throwing two touchdown passes and taking no sacks or offering up any interceptions. Still just an adequate quarterback, but if the rest of the team plays well and he just game manages, we have a shot at 8 and 8! Watched the Eagles play Dallas in the afternoon....worst offensive performance I have seen by a football team in at least ten years. The Chip Kelley era doesn't look so great to me......

Monday, September 14, 2015

Establishing My Base!

Ran 4 times this past week.....8K on Monday with AD, 8K on Wednesday with Chris coming up behind me to run a mile and a half way too fast with me into the finish. On Friday I ran 8K with 4 cruise intervals of  5, 5, 6, and 6 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. These starting intervals were about 20 seconds per kilometer slower than I did prior to the disk herniation. Sunday I did 10K with 7.5K easy, and then the last 2.5K at what would probably be my half marathon pace if I could ever run a half, which I doubt I could! Still damn hot here, so I am awaiting cooler weather to get myself back to 5 days a week of running and 40K per week. No rush of any kind.
Chris came down with a cold on friday, and AD got head lice. Told them I would look for them in a  few weeks when there is an all clear on  both fronts. When you spend all your time with poor kids who get poor medical care, you are gonna end up catching a lot of crap!
Watched the browns on sunday with my one free week of the football package that I get every year. First, Josh McCown at age 36 runs around getting hit all the time. His concussion fumble  into the endzone at the end of the first quarter was just sad. He won't even last half the year. Then Johnny Rehab comes in, throws a nice touchdown pass, and then the rest of the game goes to hell. Those three tight ends dropped every pass thrown to them. Johnny just doesn't know when to throw the ball away, and holds on to the ball way too long, setting up hits and fumbles.  We better be looking closely at the waiver wires, cause we will need one or  two more quarterbacks just to get thru the season. Had Johnny gone down, our third quarterback is brian hartline the wide receiver. The new vaunted run defense looks like the poor run defense from last year. gonna be a long season......Bought this T-shirt from GV design.....would love to have it tatooed on my upper arm opposite the old injun on the other!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Still Trying To Fight My Way Back!

Hard hot week of running again.  Ran 10K way too fast with AD on tuesday. As she had lots of school things to do, I got to run a bit easier on thursday and friday, running 9K and 8K respectively. Sunday, I tried to get in a longer run. It was hot, overcast, and humid, and went O.K. for the first hour, and then the sun broke out, and I did 18 minutes of pure zombie drag. Ended up with 11K. So a 4 day 38K week on my way hopefully to cooler weather and my 40K weekly goal. Hope to have that mileage comfortably in tow in october, and then try and pick up the intensity two days a week in november and december. Today I will try and run easy for 8K with AD, as I am sore and tired from yesterday. Hoping for overcast conditions again, but not so far.....
This is a picture from a couple of years ago I found while moving pictures from one computer to the other a while is Deb from when she was with her sisters  in hawaii a few years ago. She found this fellow to pose with in front of the  Ironman store.......

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Hard To Return In The Heat!

Was a hot week last week, and I ran three runs with AD on tuesday, thursday, and friday. All three were 8K runs. AD talks my little brain off and asks lots of questions which take me a while to answer while I struggle to breath. She also has a tendency to pick it up during the last two kilometers. I asked her why she keeps doing this after swearing at her to slow down, and she says that when she was in high school she had a shitty cross country coach, and all he ever told the girls was that when they saw the school, to race each other home. So when she turns onto the bike trail at the soccer fields and can see our development, she starts to gear up. Sunday I ran myself as she had some schoolwork to prepare for today, so I got to go slower and added a kilometer to get to 9K. Will stay in this range until it cools down a bit, and then try to work back to the 40K/25 mile weeks I was running before the disc bulge. Then starting in November, God willing, I will start to add some cruise intervals and short sprint intervals to try to get into better shape....we shall see....

On saturday after the gym,  I dropped Deb off at tractor supply to do a six hour volunteer stint for the deming animal guardians spay and neuter van. I then headed to walmart to get my head shaved and noticed that the hatch chili truck was pulling in with boxes of hatch green chilis fresh off of the vine. After my haircut, I went into produce and asked for a box, and had it taken outside to the roasters to have the box roasted. A box costs $15.88 for 25 lbs. Roasting is free. I bought a box of 50 gallon freezer bags as well. When I got the bag home, I let it sit for 4 hours to soften, cool, and allow the skin to peel off easily when eating. I ended up with 24 bags of 8 large chilis each which i rolled to remove as much air as possible, and put in the freezer in the garage. I will give 4 bags to Joe, about 10 to Chris and AD, as they eat them with virtually everything, and keep 10 for myself. They keep well for about six months and go great in sandwiches, green chili cheese burgers, eggs, on top of bake yourself pizzas, etc. When I was running yesterday I also went past the border food giant chili processing plant and the smell was wonderful.....lasts until late september when they switch to jalapenos, and then it is like being maced.....

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Anchor Babies Invading Mer'ca!

Gotta love that Trump.....he keeps pulling the other candidates into his lunatic world view. Walker, that high school educated nimrod who has been falling in the polls, has turned himself into Trump lite. And now Jeb, the one candidate who had a chance of pulling Hispanics into the Republican party has fallen into the "repeal the 14th amendment, and save america from the anchor babies". Bet Marco Rubio loves being referred to like this. So build that giant great wall of texas, find a way to strip medical coverage from the poor, disable medicare and social security, keep women barefoot, pregnant, and down on the farm, and try to accelerate the transfer of all national wealth from the many to the few.  Gonna be a long interesting ride into the 2016 election. What these candidates forget in this new media age, is there is always a recording of everything crazy that you will all come back to you....