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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Odd's Are.....

Starting to make just a bit of progress on my back. Running every other day, mixed with gym days that add a half hour of aerobic crap that includes recumbent bike, regular bike trainer, and those horrid stepper and strider machines. Hate them all, but keeps basic fitness while I fight this. Lots and lots of different kinds of stomach and bridging exercises every day. The bridging may get me a reprieve and keep me upright until medicare kicks in. Odds are that I will fight my way thru this....

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spine From Hell!

A nice picture of my bride from along the colorado river in Laughlin. We had a nice 25th anniversary week together burning thru money, eating unusual meals,  and sitting by the pool in the sun. Weather was excellent, although my running was limited to early mornings on the davis dam river trail. Got in only 4 8K runs due to my back from hell. Spent hours by the pool on the large red donuts doing every kind of strength and stretching exercise possible, but to no avail. Ran monday and yesterday, and hit the gym tuesday and today, adding 20 minutes of work on the recumbent bicycle, but nothing seems to help at all. Going to be a long 6 months until medicare at this rate. What is unusual about this event, is that I have abdominal pain along with the back pain, and there is no position that provides any relief other than fetal sleeping. Wake each morning going "is today gonna be a good day", and as soon as I sit up and pull on my running shorts, I realize that it is not.....
One of the things I noticed during that week in Laughlin, is how many morbidly obese people there are of all ages, from teens to seniors. There were many ungodly looking fat women wearing bathing suits that just looked horrendous. Worst three were a three hundred or so pound 40ish woman in a neon orange bikini, a  monstrous smoking pregnant woman so large that you could not see the front of her bikini bottom in all the hanging flesh, and a young girl who looked to be in her 20's and was about 5'9" and well over 250 lbs. wearing a robins egg thong bikini.....I wish I had my iphone or camera for a shot of the back of that one......beyond belief. The men were all just as large, and it just makes me think about all the starving folks in the world.....

Monday, May 2, 2016

Starting To Return To Form!

Had a little better week last week. Ran 11K on tuesday, 8K with some intervals on Thursday, 9K with 22 minutes of tempo work on saturday, and 9k easy on sunday. Back is not perfect, but slowly improving. Been able twice to also do some weight work. Hopefully I will continue to improve over the next few weeks.
Didn't get my browns QB choice in the draft. We bypassed Paxton Lynch who is now a bronco and will probably be in the superbowl in two years. We picked a small guy with a weak arm from USC, kody kessler. Browns did set a record with their number of picks by trading down three times, and picked up 4 receivers and a tight end. Will have to see if this moneyball concept pans out over the next three years......

Sunday, April 24, 2016

How Long Have You Had That Weak Back.......Oh, About A Week Back!

Well, I ran 4 times this week for 33 kilometers. Not very good, and besides my irritated spine, it was hot and windy. Didn't even attempt a gym day. Deb has a dox appointment tomorrow, so I may try and hit the gym on Wednesday after missing three weeks. Will start out very easily if I do! Got a ten hour drive to Laughlin two weeks from today that my back will surely not enjoy!
Billy and Kwonnie gal got me a Garmin forerunner 235 for a Christmas gift. The device does more cool shit than any device I have ever used, but from the beginning, the battery barely reached 4 hours of use before needing a charge. A few weeks ago, it just finally stopped taking a charge. So it was returned to Garmin last week, and I got an email yesterday that it's replacement is due here sometime this week. I sure hope the battery issues are resolved, because there are lots of things like step counts, sleep monitoring, all day heart rate monitoring, text alerts, weather forecasts, etc, that I don't get to use due the the battery will just be that much more fun if that is fixed!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rough Week!

Got three runs in this week on thursday, friday, and today. Today's run was a 10K with a twenty minute tempo interval. Spine was not crazy about that at all. Didn't even bother trying to go to the gym this week. As usual, this back crap is gonna resolve slowly. So, I will just do what it is I can till it ends. Windy season has arrived in force (get it?) and usually lasts around a month or so. Other than that, Deb is doing pretty well these days and running around doing animal stuff....

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Freakin' Spine Won't Cooperate!

On my bud Ernie's birthday, I ended up irritating my damn back AGAIN! I try to do every exercise known to man to stabilize my core, but I still end up having it go off more and more frequently. Once I get to medicare in 7 months, I will get a new MRI and see both my PT buddy in Las Cruces, and maybe a good spine specialist. Every runner has there limiter, and mine is going to be my spine the rest of the way out.........
Deb and I are planning a nice 25th anniversary trip to Laughlin and the gold nugget on May 8th for a free four of seven nights. Deb is doing better of late, and we are overdue for some fun after her rough last three years....

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Nodders And Droolers Division!

On Thursday, I completed an easy 8K run in anticipation of today's race.  That run also represented the completion of my 40th year of running! Pretty amazing that I am still upright after 4 back surgeries, surgery on both feet, meniscus surgery on my left knee, and a fracture of my right knee and both sides of my right ankle from my unfortunate meeting with an old truck mirror! Certainly can't run like I once did, but 4 days a week with two of them more intense and 3 days of weightlifting seem to be working pretty well right now. Will try and keep that up as long as possible. Next step would be to just run every other three days one week and four the next!
Today I headed to Las Cruces to run in the Luna county/Dona Ana' Senior games. The nice thing that they did, was allow anyone that wanted, to run a 10K qualifier, but also to get credit for a 5K qualifying time for the New Mexico Senior Games that will be held in Ruidoso in mid August. It is now different than it used to be for these state games, in that you have to qualify in first to third place in the 13 regional races to be allowed to run in the state games. The field was fairly small with about 35 men and 5 women. I had no idea of anyone's age, as we all seem to look about the same these days! My goal was to try and hold as even a pace as possible, and finish the 10K somewhere in the 58 minute range. The course was perfectly measured, and involved running out and back once for those that stopped at 5K,  and a second time for those of us running 10K. It was around mid 40's with bright sun at the race start, and I resisted trying to run with anyone, and just stayed on the pace I needed. I came thru 5K in 29:04 feeling pretty strong. I was 2nd to another guy in my age group doing the 5K/10K double as well, and he got in on the 5K at just about 28 flat. On the second lap, I caught him at the 6K mark, and when I got to the turn around at the 7.5K mark, I timed the seconds until I passed him in the opposite direction, and it was around 42seconds, so doubling that, I was about a minute and a half ahead of his potential finish time. The course was exactly marked in kilometers by the local running club, as they do a variety of certified races on this paved river trail. I got to 9K and pushed as hard as my sore and tired body allowed, and finished in 57:27 for a second 5K loop of 28:23. My age group competitor finally came in at 1:01. So he won the 5K and I was 2nd, and I won the 10K and he was the 2nd there. All the other guys in the age group (which is 65-69 for senior games based on the age you acquire by year end) stopped at 5K. So all in all, a very good day. I was most pleased that I held my concentration and pace thru the pain and was able to do negative 5K splits! Home now waiting for Chris and AD to stop by for dinner and a movie. AD made chicken enchilladas from an old family recipe, and even hand made the tortillas that will go into the dish! Bet it will be awesome! For now, I will take a hot shower to loosen up, and then get nappy on the couch until my dinner arrives!