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Monday, August 22, 2016

Kinesio Boy Takes Bronze!

Really pleased that Galen Rupp, aka kinesio tape boy, won the bronze in the marathon, after coming up just short in the 10K. He has now run two marathons in the 2:11 and 2:10 range in very hot and humid weather. I can see him breaking 2:10 in a good fall marathon one of these days....
Had a very good week of running this week. Ran 11K easy on Tuesday. Thursday I ran 8K with 5 by 4 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. Felt good and the pace was strong. Going to keep my intervals at no shorter than 3 minutes, as this seems to work best for the spine. Saturday I went out in the mid afternoon heat and ran a rough 8K with two tempo intervals of 13 and 12 minutes with a three minute recovery interval. Pace was horrible in the heat. On sunday, I beat the storms and had a cool evening run of 12K. So 39K for the week which is a kilometer short of perfect for what I am trying to accomplish. My back is also improved I think due to just a crazy amount of core work on machines at the gym. Back is still arthritic and sore on and off, but the neurological crap seems to be behind me for the moment.....hope it lasts a while. Looking at two fall races if things hold up. Just never know....I can be dandy one week, and fucked the next!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

And We Progress... Brownies looked pretty bad in their first pre-season game. Neither line was effective. Our QB's are all going to  get injured if the blocking schemes don't get solved quickly. Our 3rd round pick, Kody Kessler from USC looked about the best, but of course, he was going against a third team defense. Can you say 3-13 again?
Had a bit better running again this week. On Tuesday I ran an easy 11K. Thursday started out easy, but got caught in hard cold rain and hail. Chris got me at around 8.5K, and he jogged and I had to push to tempo pace to keep up. We finished 11K. Saturday I did 8K again in a cold rain with 5 by 3 minute intervals with 1.5 minute recoveries. I will keep trying to do 15-16 minutes of speed work again, but won't do intervals  faster than three minutes. When i go to two minutes or below, the orthopaedic damage to my spine is just too great. Today I will go out in the evening and do another shorter easy run to finish the week. Again, 4 runs a week  with twenty minutes of tempo and fifteen minutes of intervals should be enough if I get foolish enough to try and run a 5K somewhere in the fall...

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finally, A More Normal Week!

A dangerous, lying, narcissistic, sociopath.....not much else to add!
Had a much more normal week of running thanks to my spine and the weather. On Tuesday and Thursday, I ran in 77 degree weather and drizzle, and ran 10K and 11K respectively.  Today was overcast and high 80's, and I did 8K with the first bit of intensity in a good while.... 13 and 11 minute tempo intervals with a two minute recovery between. Now will get to see how my spine feels tomorrow. Will just do a short easy run to finish the week. It just felt nice to feel more normal again. Hope this is the beginning of  a few weeks that also feel more normal....

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ketogenic Meltdown!

Well I gave it three weeks, and I lost 8 pounds, but I have never hated to run as much as I did during this period. I was always a better shorter distance runner than those longer races, probably due to the fact that I don't naturally run well when my glycogen is gone and I start to fuel with fat. So today I started the day with a nice bucket of yogurt with lots of carbs! Will do a good carb diet for the next two days and see how tuesdays run goes. My runs last week were 3 8K's and one 5K. Back is still problematic, but stable. Gotta get to Nov 1st before I can head in for an MRI.
What a horrible election we have going. When you think about the fact that we have spent 2 years and billions of dollars and have these two horribly flawed candidates to choose from. A dishonest corporate hawk vs a sociopath. I know that at my station in life, whoever wins will have little effect on my and my brides life, and the two candidates I would have preferred, Biden and Kasich, would have made for a better race. I also feel that a 4 party system would be a better fit for America.....Progressive, Corporate Democrat, Corporate Republican, and Nationalist (for the Tea Party, Old White People, Racists, and Homophobes). I always pick a candidate based on what they will do during international strife, so I wouldn't want to see an America with Trump having access to our Nuclear arsenal..

Sunday, July 17, 2016

P.T.Barnum Comes To Cleveland!

Did some texting with my best bud Ernie today from 12th street in Cleveland. I told him he was my "man on the ground" for the next 4 days. Also watched some coverage on  MSNBC. 123 protest groups have received permits to march, and police have told them no umbrellas, knives, back packs, and large bags allowed. Of course since Ohio is an open carry state, pistols, rifles, and assault weapons are welcome!
Trump today, in tweeting  a response to Obama's speech about  the Baton Rouge shooting, said that Obama doesn't recognize that "America is a divided crime scene that will only get worse". What I find most likable  about  Trump is that he doesn't just complain, he comes out WITH CONCRETE SOLUTIONS"! MAHHAH......
Been struggling mightily to run this week. Back is 50% better, but between the 100 plus degree heat and this ketogenic diet, running is a giant struggle. I was only able to run 4 easy 8K runs this week. I have lost 7 lbs in 10 days. Diet works fine for not feeling hungry, but those lack of carbs seems to make me cranky and struggle with energy. Plan to stay on this diet for 28 days while my bride is in Ohio, but not sure this is the best running diet.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Is Deutsche Bank The Coming Black Swan?

Today we hit an all time high for the S&P and the Dow. Every thing looks hunky dory. The S&P is up almost 4.5% for the year, and I am up around 9.5%. That happened solely because I was paranoid of a looming recession coming into 2016, and stayed with bonds, gold and gold miners, utilities, and municipal bonds with very few stocks until the S&P bottomed around 1825. I then SLOWLY added a small amount of stocks not  to  exceed 20% of my holdings. So today I sold some winning stocks and some bond ETF's. The 10 year treasury bond is back around 1.5%, and will go up if the U.S. economy improves substantially, and if bond buyers around the world stop running to the  U.S. because their bonds are yielding negative rates or near negative rates. Oil and the XLE oil company ETF may be a place to put some monies if oil just stabilizes. Silver looks more attractive than gold. So, with stocks being crazily expensive and probably in bubble territory due to all these central bank interventions, how much risk exists in this market. Sure we can melt up, but how much risk are you willing to take for a few more percent. Any stock I would buy now, I would hold a stop loss limit just because I am worried about one of those darned black swans. The one I am most concerned about is  Deutsche Bank. The chart above is an overlay of Lehmans going into it's collapse. DB is approximately 4 times the size of Lehman Brothers before it's contraction and collapse. DB has failed it's stress test for the 2nd time in two years. All banks world wide  are struggling to make money in this low to negative rate environment. As usual, the risk of any of  them making  some bad investments  to obtain yield is high. One bank is creating CDO's out of cell plan insurance like they did with mortgages. So the failure of DB could cut the value of the S&P in half in a month. I am just too damn old to see the market cut my investments in half and wait 5 years to get my monies back. I am hoping for 10 more years or so on this planet, so that  is my real investing horizon......

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Bit Of Painful Reflection!

As I said in my last blog post, The Friday after my Thursday sub 5K race pace intervals brought lots of back issues, and this week, calf issues that I am not 100 percent sure are spine or calf related. After going easy for 8K on tuesday and wednesday while struggling with calf issues,  today was my last attempt at an easy run in anticipation of  at least going to the race sunday night and just running it. At 2K in upon making a turn, my calf exploded like a calf tear. Like I said, not sure if it is calf or back stuff, but it doesn't much matter. I will probably need a good week off or more. Will go to the gym and lift weights, and later next week may try the recumbent, but my running has been shut down again. 
This past week I have been looking at the past 4 years training logs (that I will throw away shortly!), and there is a difficult pattern that I hate to accept, but probably must if I am going to attempt to just keep moving forward. In Joe Friel's book "Fast after 50", he first indicates that athletes from 60-69 have, by far, the greatest decline in Vo2 max of 30.5% for that decade. Now, by going back to the first months of turning 60 and racing before my meniscus snapped, and comparing race AND general run paces each year thru my last race at the Las Cruces Senior Qualifiers in early April, my decline in both race and training pace is around 8%. Now, the falloff will get greater in the last 5 years of this decade, so hitting and exceeding that 30 minute plus 5K and 60 minute plus 10K will probably happen soon. But the much more disturbing finding from my review, is how many times I injured myself after attempting to do fast speedwork or after hard races. In 5 races over the last three years, and three times doing fast speedwork,  my back has gone out sometime within the week after. That is just too steep a price to pay for a 50 cent medal. Also, when I look at race results, the new guys coming in at 60 are running times around the 8:30 5K pace I ran back then, but not the 9:05 pace I have devolved to currently. I obviously don't know what the inside of my spine looks like until I get an MRI next year, but I have to assume there are problems both with the stability of my spine and reduced disk spaces from the 8 levels of  disk bulges that were noted in my last MRI from 2 years ago. They get worse, not better. Now one of my two long term running hero's, Frank Shorter who is 69, has, in the last decade, gone thru a meniscus tear, knee surgery, and spinal surgeries,  and has decided to quit attempting to race. Now he still works out  two hours a day, but runs only about 4 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour easy, keeping his heart at below the 75% max heart rate limit, and adds elliptical, bike, lots of free weight and body weight exercises, but recognizes that he can't TRAIN for racing anymore. So, when I return from this current mess, I will just give up the ghost of trying to TRAIN or  race, certainly at least until  I see a spine specialist next year. I will adopt the Shorter plan, with only one difference.....I will probably try to come back to once a week tempo intervals of 4 by 5 minutes at a heart rate not exceeding 85% of my heart rate max, just because I think it is worth it  for heart health. I will still do some sprinting on the recumbent, but not as hard, and I will start to extend my weight workouts to do more lower body exercises. I will also try and add another spine stabilization exercise my boy recommended to me on the  phone the other night. And if I ever race again, it will either be as a fun run, or it will be at a race that actually has a 65-69 age group, and I will just run it easy in the event it is a very small age group. I think 36 years of racing out of 40 years of running is probably more than enough.......