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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 9.....A Semblance Of Progress....

Well, Deb and I spent the week in Laughlin enjoying the breezy 118-124 temps. Did all my exercising across the river in Bullhead City at an anytime fitness franchise. $25 bucks for the week. I went there every day from monday thru friday.
On monday, I lifted weights for a half hour, and then jumped on the treadmill. The usual first five minutes involved some Afib, and then my HR settled in from there. I was comfortable keeping my HR below 120 for ten minutes or so, expecting I would need to take a walk break at some point after that. It was odd, because I kept expecting to hit 125 but I never did. I was able to run a full forty minutes without needing a walk break. And for the next four days thereafter, I was able to repeat that exact same workout. Today, back in the heat and back at 4400 feet of altitude, I was curious if I would be able to repeat that. Nope. I did cover two fifteen minute intervals, and then about five shorter intervals to complete my hour, but the heat and altitude made it tougher. But all in all, some progress occurred.
My ultimate goal remains covering 8K/5 Miles on four runs a week with a HR not exceeding 125 and a pace that allows the runs to be completed in 55 or 56 minutes. From charts, tests, and experience, 125 is where my heart rate starts to go from an aerobic run into an anaerobic zone. Now, since I don't have race plans, only want to run for joy and health, no need to think about doing any faster running until I can accomplish my initial goal. So that is why my exercising is a process of running until I get to a 125 HR, and then walk a bit to get it back to below 110, and then go back at it until the day hopefully comes when I can complete the entire hour or less and cover that 8K. I will see my heart doc on july 6th to make sure this is a safe process, and that it remains ok to keep running when I have Afib occurring. Anyway, I do believe it will cool in a few months, I will get slowly fitter, and my goal will at some point happen.....Faith Baby!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week 7.....Stalled!

Well, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Gym and Recumbent go perfectly, but the walk jogs just continue to be a bigtime struggle. I get normal HR range days, and crazy high days. I get Afib for the first five or ten minutes on most of my hikes. So, progress seems stalled. Will have two more weeks to try and get some progress, then will be at a 24 hour fitness center in bullhead city arizona for a week while visiting laughlin. Will do my weights and do shorter walk jogs on the treadmills. Kind of a week of recovery before I get back to trying to progress. Don't have much of a plan for if this fails. May eventually try to get a cardiac workup in phoenix at mayo clinic to see if there is anything further I can do. Before that I will schedule an appointment in July here in Deming to see Dr. Grayor, the heart doc who did my diversion, and just go over the three echos I have had in the past eight years and see if he has any thoughts. Otherwise, time will certainly tell.......

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kardiac Kid: Week 5, No Magic, No Progress....

Well, no magic present in week five. Not sure how much of this struggle includes heat, but just have not had anything approaching fun. All 3 of my gym days of clanging, banging, and spinning went well. Got 4 bench reps up at 150 at best, and got close to 8.5 miles in my half hours on the recumbent with a good heart rate. Those pesky walk jogs are another matter. Averaged around 7.1K for the hour walk jogs, but still struggle to get a jog of more than 4 minutes in. So I am jogging more than walking, but not by a lot. Especially drag the last ten to twelve minutes. Like they fellow above, it seems that my legs give out before my lungs or heart rate does at this point. Capillary development I suppose. Three legs of the stool, and one is always a bit weaker than the other two. So, we will go back to work in week six and keep hoping for that breakthru week to appear. Will remain a struggle I suspect until the day hopefully comes where I can do three miles just running. Still a long way from there.....

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week 4

Well, I made some progress this week, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. The weights and recumbent at the gym are going dandy. Adding increments of weight, and covering more distance with stronger sprints on the recumbent during my thirty minutes. Walk Jogs are another thing entirely. The only way I can measure, since I am not timing jogs and just using heart rate to guide me to about 125 BPM before walking back to 105-110, is total distance covered during the hour. This week my hike days averaged around 7.2K, so I expect that my total jog time and walk time are about equal now. I am doing it mid afternoon in the heat, and that is not helping. Will need to start to go in the evenings soon. Next six weeks are usually the hottest times of the year here in Deming. So, this is really going to be a rough comeback attempt. My experience is that when you can get to 3 miles of pure running, things improve pretty fast, but I am at three minutes running, so we have a good ways to go.....

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week 3!


It aint the speakers that bump hard
It's the heart that makes the beat

So I have worked thru three weeks. The weight work is starting to move forward, and all post lifting soreness is gone. The recumbent rides were all thirty minutes, with higher force at the same heart rate, so that is progressing.  No worries that I will be able to maintain that schedule three days a week.
Walk Jogging is another matter. On three of the four days this week my heart acted well, and on one perfectly. Still struggling to push out more that a couple hundred yards for the jogs. As I indicated before, it usually takes me three weeks to start to see any progress on this front from previous experience, and five months without running has put me back to a beginning runner status. So this week will hopefully start to produce just a bit of improvement. As my boy Tyler Joseph sings, entertain my faith.....

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week Deux!

So I had my echo and it wasn't wonderful. Ejection Fraction of 42, far below the normal of 50. Also tech noted I have a very minor Aortic valve leak, and a more moderate left ventricle leak. Have to ask my EP two questions when he calls to give me the report.....1) does the ventricle leak need addressing, and 2) WHY DIDN'T HE OR DR. SANCHEZ WHO DID MY ABLATION NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS WHEN I ASKED 4 TIMES IF THERE WAS ANY OTHER ISSUES WITH MY HEART!
So, week two of my attempted cardiac rehab was mixed. Had two days of weights followed my a 25 and 30 minute recumbent bike session with pretty good results. No Afib that I noted, and now that I have hit 30 minutes on the recumbent, try to increase force so long as I can keep my HR below 120. My jog walks were mixed. Tuesday went reasonably well. Wednesday was a crazy high HR with almost all walking and a range of 125-180. Don't have a clue why. Friday and Saturday were very good with a low HR and lots of short intervals working my HR up to 120 and recovery walks back to 105. Both days in the 90's.....Today was more moderate HR zone 0f 115-135, but I worked thru it. Just a reminder that I should be not be trying to hike jog more than two days in a row, just like in my old running days. So week two is in the books. Now this is my longest period in 41 years of not running.....5 months. In the past, I found that it took generally three weeks to start to notice any progress. So will again try and remain patient and see where that gets me!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week 1!

The original Cardiac Kid, Brian Sipe! Still my favorite Browns QB! Anyway, time for this kardiac kid to start to get working on his cardiac rehab. This week I hit the gym three times. Heart cooperated while lifting, but weak as a kitty, and sore for a day after each workout. It will go away after two weeks or so. Did 20, 22, and 24 minutes on the recumbent bike. Afib acted up for five or so minutes each time, and then settled into normal out of shape numbers. The other four day I walk jogged with a few afib episodes earlier in the week, but only one short one today. There is a correlation between fitness and afib, so up to a point, should reduce as I get some of my fitness back At my appointment on the 21st, my Afib was below 5 tenths of one percent, and if it stays there or improves, I can live with that. Wednesday I get my echo, so we will see where the ejection fraction is.....and the beats go on.....