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Friday, April 18, 2014

I've Been Trying To Get Down, To The Heart Of The Matter......

Thanks Don! Got three good workouts in this week....a long run of an hour and thirty three minutes on monday, a very hard 8K run on wednesday, where I included 4 bye 4 minutes with two minute recoveries, followed bye a final 8 minute tempo interval, and today, a 9K run with 20 minutes of alternating one minute intervals at faster than 5K race pace. The three runs have all gone well, but my damn heart rate showed that I am probably pushing a bit too hard. It is training, not racing. My heart rate on the last of the four minute intervals reached 150 BPM which is about 95.5% of max heart rate for me. A rate of 146 should be my high in any interval work, and an optimal heart rate for tempo intervals should top out at around 142. During today's 20 minutes of one minute alternating intervals, my max heart rate was 155. That is also way too high. The max my heart rate should average for the long run is 127, and even though it felt painfully slow, it was a hot day and ended up averaging 131. So, I have to utilize a bit more restraint in my running paces, and try to run a bit longer and with just a bit less intensity. Gotta stick around to take care of Debbers, so I can't stroke out!
Decided to race again on sunday the 27th. There is a 5K race at NMSU on that date to support their symphony orchestra. There doesn't seem to be a lot of races from then on until my July 3rd race, unless I want to go to El Paso, and I really don't. Also, after meeting with Deb's new fibro doc on thursday, we agreed to get Deb in 6 weeks of PT for her back with my good buddy Mark who helped me with my knee two years ago. This new doc is replacing all of her meds over time, and removing as much of the oxycontin as possible, and replacing it with low dose anti seizure medicine, low dose hormone therapy, and Ti Chi after the PT. His wife has had fibro about as long as deb, and he keeps up on the current research and has been published himself. So I will be a PT hubby for six weeks and do my running around the college. Hope this all works and we can get Deb at least back to how she was in Mesquite when she exercised at the pool almost every day. We shall see.......wish us both luck!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lumbering Down The Trail!

Got up at 4:45 Sunday to get showered and dressed and to head to Las Cruces for the Spartyka wounded warrior 5K. I had vacillated a few times about doing it, but I had promised Joe the shirt last super bowl sunday, so I broke down and went. It was a nice sunny day, but windy. The race was an out and back mixture of grass (Goatheads!), gravel, and asphalt. It just went slightly uphill into the wind, turned and reversed. I was really lumbering heading out, and at the 1 1/4 mile mark, the leader was coming back past me like a rocket. Now his finishing time was 17:55, a time I had run about 10 times or so in my thirties.....but it sure seemed way fast now.....My pace going out was just a slow slog, and I did my best to pick it up coming back, but I am just damn heavy, slow, and not in shape to do much with it. I finished with a pace of just under 9 minute miles. I really do need to lose at least 5 lbs over the next couple months and get back into interval speed work. I may race another fun run in early may, but the race I am interested in doing well at is the evening of July 3rd. The other thing that was funny, was that after I got off the grass and gravel and hit the asphalt, it sounded like I was running in spikes.....there were hundreds of goatheads in my soles. While I waited for the awards, I used my fingers and keys to try and pull them all out. Had to take them off to drive home, and finish the job with Deb's old eyebrow tweezers at home. I ended up being the 2nd oldest in the race to a guy I see often from El Paso who was in the 70-dead catagory, so we were both gold medalists. I would have also placed 3rd in the 50-59 age group. Anyway, I just hate continuing to get slower and slower and slower as we move along here.
I did a bit of grocery shopping and stopped at starbucks to get coffee to consume and to take home, and headed back to deming. When I got home, deb had left a note that mike and judy had called and were overnighting in deming on their way to dallas. I called them and told them that deb was having a bad fibro period, but that I would meet them at the campground at 5, and that we would chat a bit and then go to the new Ihop for dinner. Since it was a sunday, and all of Deming seems to be catholic and closed, that and a bad Denny's were our only options. They are doing well and look great. The both enjoyed their meals, and we got caught up as best we could on everybody....that includes you, Mary and little "E". We went back to their trailer and chatted until sundown, when we all looked pretty tired and decided to hit the hay. They left early this morning for Dallas, and then on to somewhere to get more problems in their trailer fixed. This trailer has been jinxed from the start.
Today was supposed to be a visit to Silver city to take deb to her new pain management/fibro doctor, but due to wind, they called and rescheduled for thursday. Deb is really struggling, and I want to get her to Las Cruces to see my PT doc mark, so I will discuss that with this doctor on thursday. We need to get her back in gear, or I doubt she will be heading to Ohio this summer.....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Summer In Early April!

I had a sense that summer was gonna come early to Deming. The windy season was short, and in mid march the damn deer flies were already out trying to carry me away. This week was slated for an easy week after 4 weeks of building. Good thing, because it was high 80's to 90 all week. My heart rate was around ten beats higher for the runs each day, even though my pace was just a tad slower than usual. I am clearly not acclimated yet to these temperatures. Usually takes me a good three weeks to start to acclimate, and bye then, it may be even hotter! NWS says that it is going to be a very hot dry summer here again in the bootheel of New Mexico. We have had 7 tenths of an inch of precip in the past 5 months and two weeks. Now usually, we reach our hottest days of the year in June. Last summer, we were over 100 for 20 of those 30 days. July usually begins to give us some rain, and bye labor day, we have usually had what we are gonna get. The other thing that comes with these hot dry temperatures is fires. We have had three years of horrible fire seasons in Arizona and New Mexico, and there is always the risk that the giant Gila National Forest, 3.3 million acres, will have a fire that cannot be contained. Many people don't realize the New Mexico is 12% forest.
I will be racing at the Spartyka Wounder Warrior event on sunday to get Joe that T-shirt I promised him. Don't expect to run well.....while I am starting to get into shape, I am not really in racing shape until I have had a month or so of solid speed work. So far, I have the endurance and stamina, but not the speed......

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Geezer Recovery 101!

As I begin my 39th year of running, I can clearly see the window of opportunity to run closing fairly quickly. If I stay smart, I may get to complete 40 years, but I think walking is coming soon of course at the pace I am running now, there won't be too much difference. I completed 40 Kilometers this week, and that is my goal for a weekly total for the rest of the year. I think that that is about my current orthopaedic limit for knees, feet, and spine. I only want to modify what I am doing bye making the long run a progression run bye speeding up the last 15 minutes, and on the threshold run, pushing it out from 22 minutes to 30. And finally, Turn the shorter cruise intervals into actual 2 minute intervals at 5K race pace. That is about all that I can really do.
I noticed using the new heart rate monitor on my garmin that my heart rate for the 2 threshold sessions was 87% of max heart rate, which is perfect, and my long run moved from around 70-75% throughout the run. Now the recovery run, even though slow and dragged, following the day after a good threshold workout, ended up with an average heart rate of 80% of max. Now this tells me one of two things.....either I need to slow and shorten that day, or I have gotten to a place where I really should be running every other day. I don't want to do that, because I like the routine of running tuesday, thursday, friday, and sunday, and doing weight work monday, wednesday, and saturday. I thrive on routine and bourbon. So I will tinker a bit with the recovery day. The other thing I noticed, is that I can build intensity for around three or four weeks, and then I need a full recovery week. So, since I have had 4 good hard weeks since getting back from the flu and a few weeks of back shit, I decided to run that Spartyka wounded warrior 5K on sunday the 13th. It will serve to give me a time I can take to the McMillan running calculator to set up good paces to train at from April thru May to prepare for that July 3rd evening race.
Tomorrow after the gym, I am going to smoke two pork tenderloins, and smoke 4 potatoes. On the bakers, I am gonna smoke them, cut them in half, spoon out the middle, and make twice baked potatoes with jalapenos, bacon, and cheddar cheese. As always, I will take pictures!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Running Shoe And Electronics Reviews!

I find reviews of running shoes and GPS devices funny. Now I am sure, part of this comes from the fact that when I started racing, you would come thru the chute and get a numbered popsicle stick, go over to a table where someone manned a clipboard, and have them write down your age and place so that they could figure out age group awards. Now we have timing chips embedded in race numbers, and within minutes from your finish, your data has been sent to your cell phone. And shoes were heavy, often leather, and the cushioning was pretty much absent. And having a stop watch BUILT INTO YOUR REGULAR WATCH was a technological marvel. Yah I know, 38 running years later, and I am a dinosaur.
I bring this up now for two funny reasons. Two of my three ancient garmin GPS devices have died. After 5-7 years, the internal batteries no longer hold charges even for an hour. So I wanted to buy a new one, and went on to amazon to shop. Now this model, the 310XT, first came out in 2009, but it does pretty much all the same stuff as the newer expensive ones, but at a bargain price. And the information gets sent via an ant stick attachment into your computer via blue tooth. Now, I used it today and it was flawless. It found the satellite connection instantly, worked flawlessly on my run, has a soft comfortable heart rate chest strap, and the data transferred in three seconds to my apple laptop. When I opened the data download, it had all the splits recorded with times and heart rates during the splits, as well as average total pace and heart rate. All the data you could ever possibly use. You can also, utilizing existing data, make training suggestions for future workouts. Now, of the 500 plus reviews on amazon, about a hundred were just whining bullshit.....The watch is too large, it takes too long to get satellite reception, the HRM makes my chest sore, the bluetooth transfer of information takes three minutes on my computer, blah blah blah. They have more accessible valuable training information then most could ever use. They can do all kinds of workouts and speedwork without ever having to visit a track. Just a bunch of whining bitches!
On the shoe front, there are more varieties of shoes in different drops, all with space age lighter materials, that have never been seen before. You can pretty much dial your running style to a number of possible shoe choices. And there are great shoe review blog sites (the best being that allow you to figure out the best shoes for you. And running shoe warehouse gives you great deals on shoes, plus allows you to plug in the size of any shoe you are running in to tell you what size to select on the shoes you want to buy. An amazing time to be a runner.....
Had two good runs of 10K so far this week. One included an 8, 7, and 6 minute set of cruise intervals, the other, three intervals of 4 minutes at 5 Mile pace, followed bye a 10 minute interval at 10 mile race pace. Tomorrow I will do an easy recovery run, and then try another long run on sunday. Starting to get the beginnings of a training effect again....

Friday, March 28, 2014

Noah Vs. Superman!

O.K., so there is a bunch of controversy about the movie Noah that is being released this weekend. I just find this beyond hysterical. Now most of the muslim world can't watch it because of Islamic laws on the depiction of the Prophets. And Suni's have a fatwa on the film. Now Christians don't like it because they think it is not biblically faithful. Now of course, the biblical story is scientifically impossible, and defies all possible common sense. Considering how many species of animals existed at the time, how big of a freakin' vessel the ark would have to be, and how you would be able to feed and keep these animals from killing and eating each other over a forty day period. Pretty silly. So the folks can piss and moan that the story is not biblically faithful, kind of like someone watching a superman movie might whine that the origins of superman are not faithful to the comic. Just a hilarious Christian nation that thinks it is really that different than a muslim nation.....
Got in two good runs so far this week and one easy recovery run.....tuesday I ran 9K with a 22 minute threshold interval. Thursday I ran 9K with 5 four minute brisk intervals with two minute recoveries. Today I did an 8K easy recovery run. Sunday I will attempt a longer run of 12 or 13K, if my damn foot lets me. It works o.k. for around 5 or 6K, and then the damn pain begins. I keep icing it multiple times a day. Otherwise, all is going reasonably well in the early stages of training.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Starting Over For The Thousandth Time!

So this was the first week I could start training again since late January. Back is mostly AOK, and only sore thing is my left foot where I stepped on a rock and got some kind of bone bruise. Got 4 runs in this week, and they were actually focused training runs. Did 9K with four bye 5 minute intervals and three minute recoveries. Did 8K with 20 minutes of tempo work. Finished off with a 7K recovery run and an 11K long run. Hope to build on from that again. 3 of the 4 runs were shirtless, so that was a huge bonus.....
This was my bride before the annual shelter fund raiser. She was the Belle of the Ball. At least 40 jealous women wanted to know where she got those socks......faces on the front, and tails on the back. Next year is "The wizard of paws", so any suggestions are welcome....