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Monday, September 15, 2014

Laughlin Bound!

Ran for the last 7 days straight for a total of 55km. With Ernie here for six of those days, I didn't hit the gym, and he ran five of those six days with me for the first 60% or so of those runs. Nothing long or intense, just all medium easy days. Ernie is still somewhat on ohio time, and gets up about three hours ahead of me and sits out front sucking coffee and eating at least three meals before I get up. On thursday, I got up around ten and came out to get coffee, and one of our cats, dotty, was jumping up and down over something bye the door. After she stopped, I went over, and she had killed a hairy desert scorpion.....must have followed Ernie into the house on one of his 8 coffee stops. Glad she killed it, because although they are not deadly, their sting can hobble you and turn your leg below the knee into a swollen tree trunk. Don't need that a few days before a vacation. We head out tomorrow for Lauglin, and stay there on wednesday for layover, and then hit Mesquite on thursday. We will do mesquite, zion, lake mead, valley of fire, and monday night football, and then head to vegas on the following tuesday for three nights at hotel 32. My bride finally rallied back from the pain doctor trying to kill her, and seems ready for this vacation. Can't wait to see my boy and the lovely Inna......

Sunday, September 7, 2014

500TH Post!

I started this blog a very long time ago to try and keep a few folks up to date with what was going on with my running, my life in general, and on occasion, what irritated the crap out of me. That was often something political, religious, environmental, or just plain stupid. On many occasions, those things converged. Now my initial followers were my sister suzi, little "e", my boy terrible, Mary, and a fellow named K. Brennen from Santa Fe who found something to follow from my posts. Over time I lost sister Sue, and picked up Frank and Billybob on occasion. Every once in a while, someone would find my blog based on it's title thru a googly tube search, and was upset bye it. That occurred the most often on a religious or political post. The response was usually negative and whiney. Never bothered me. Everyone can believe what they want to believe. The only times I was really irritated was when the people responded to environmentally related posts and just refused to accept scientific fact. My favorite political response to man made climate change espoused by so many energy lobbyists and politicians is "I am not a scientist and it's unproven theory"....kind of like how gravity is an unproven theory. If I put a glass of antifreeze in front of them and told them "since you are not a scientist, and 98 out of 100 scientists say it is poison, so it is still a theory, are you gonna drink up"? Doubt it. Kind of like drinking that safe untreated fracking water. So, nothing will probably change in my blog going forward.....
Over the last 21 days I have run 15 times for a total of 127 kilometers. I am especially sore absolutely everywhere. Today's run felt like I was leaning forward at the waist and falling more than running. For the next three weeks I will probably only get to run 4 times a week and for less mileage, so hopefully I will get a small amount of spring back in my step. Trying hard to get my bride packed up so we can head out of here on the 16th.....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rory The Rattler!

Ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week thus far. Friday I hit the gym, and with monday being labor day and the gym being closed, I will probably run today thru monday for another 3 days in a row. On Tuesday, I was able to get out at three in the afternoon, as it was a rainy cool day. About two miles into a 7 mile run, I was on the asphalt bike path heading south completing the first of three laps on my track. Since we have had two months of solid rain, the bike path has grass and weeds up to the edge on both sides. All of a sudden I caught movement out of my left eye (the only one I can really see out of anymore), and there was Rory the rattler sliding away from the bike path. Scared the bejesus out of me. If it had chosen to strike me, I would never have seen it coming. It was a nice two footer. Damn, damn, damn, I hate rattlers'. So now, since rattlers rarely travel beyond an area of 150 yards in their lives, I will have two spots on my course to keep my eyes peeled.
Here is a still photo from the 2 mile race from august 9th. See the grimace on my face.....why is this girl smiling? Is it because she is young, running is fun, and she has know idea what is coming if she tries to do this for 40 years? I eventually beat her, the fat guy, and the stroller couple.....what an accomplishment.
Picked Frank from Omaha up at the airport this morning. Got to know him and some of his crazy exploits on scooters, including riding a 2 stroke 150cc vespa in a rally from anchorage to new orleans two years ago. He has ridden scooters in rallies all over the world, and at 67, makes me feel like an old broken wimp.......As I was taking this picture and Deb was begging him to be careful, he was telling her that we're all gonna die, and you really never know how, so therefore you should just do what you want to do.....from her expression, I sense disagreement!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It Just Keeps Getting Harder!

Here is the video from the 1/2 mile mark of the 2 mile race I ran last August 9th. At 1:53 in, you see the stroller couple, and at 1:58, me and a fat guy. Now I feel like I am running 100 miles an hour, but in fact, less than 7......The stroller couple and the fat guy were three of the only 8 people I beat in this race. Sad, Sad, Sad.....
Have run 4 days this week and will finish the week tonight with a late run due to the heat. Ran fairly easy runs of an hour on three of those, but on wednesday, I tried to give myself a heat stroke. I had to take the car in for it's 30 day check at one o'clock, and got out of there around 2:30. I decided to go out to geothermal road and run a mile and a half in the hot sand, and then climb up to the top of "A" mountain about 200 yards shy of the old observatory. You can't really run up or down those two hundred yards without some serious fall risks, and lord knows I don't need that. It was 93 and cloudless when I started. I tried to go slow, but it is like running on a hilly beach for the first part.
The gravel road that you see to the right side of the picture winds around the side of the hill and takes you up to the observatory. I got about a quarter mile away to the final rise and started to walk, so I pussied out used my incredible intellect to turn back and head down. I thought I would recover some going downhill, but it just didn't happen. I got back to flat ground and was sweating profusely and just felt like 20 tons of crap. So I got about a half mile from the car, hit the 4 mile mark, and just walked back. This, bye the way, is what the observatory looks like up close. Not much of a prize, although the views from up there are kinda awesome.
When I got back to the car parked in front of the golf course, an old fellow and his son came out of the clubhouse and gave me a bottle of water. I must have looked pretty unsteady. Here is what they were thinking......
So I got into the car, cranked up the air to max, and drove the mile to the barnes and knobles college bookstore. I first downed three bottles of spring water, and then got back in line and bought a cup of iced coffee and a chicken pesto sandwich. Had a headache the whole ride home and into the evening, and felt a bit nauseous till the next morning. This old, broken, fucked up old body just keeps surprising me with it's limited tolerances as I keep aging. When I do my last run in Zion next month it will just be an easy flat 5 miler from the entrance visiting center to the base of the hike up to scouts lookout. Terrible and Inna girl can do the hike. And I also found a flat 2 1/2 mile out and back new city paved trail in laughlin that takes you from the riverside casino out to the damn and back. Gonna all be easy does it with My older brother "E" for our two weeks in September...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trying To Wait Out Some Ugly Weather!

National Weather Service has issued a severe weather advisory for little old Deming. At 4 PM here it is currently blowing sand everywhere at around 45 miles per hour. This is the front of the storm. The middle of it may drop up to an inch of rain, with possible hail between 1/8" to 1/2" in size. Called my bride who took Mugsy to the vet to tell her to not dilly dally and get the new car smashed with hail. Will plan to run later this evening after this front comes thru. Been working both inside and outside the house over the last three days to get ready for a visit from my bud Ernie. Yard needed a good 4 hours of work yesterday to kill all the weeds that came from our record 6 weeks of rains, and to trim all the bushes to try and make them as tree like as possible. Everything is doing well and growing like crazy. Elder tree that blew over in the spring needed the most trimming. It survived the uprooting, and I have left it roped to a stake facing southwest awaiting the next retarded windstorms. Hopefully next spring it will grow well and get above bedroom window height again to accomplish what I wanted for this year......summer shade to keep the bedroom cooler.
This cold that we got a week ago sunday didn't stay too long, thank God. I was able to run 8K on thursday and friday, and then 11K on sunday. Since I have no potential races until December, just not gonna try to push anything out of this body so that I can enjoy running with Ernie when he gets here, and hopefully do what will probably be my last runs ever at zion and valley of fire when we get to Mesquite. Tomorrow I take the car in for it's 30 day inspection. I has been flawless so far. Then plan to do a run thru the pecan trees at the south end of NMSU. Got the scooter tires inflated, and am currently charging the battery. Will get it filled up at the end of the week during my last ride. I pick up it's new owner frank on the 30th. I will miss it, but it is not one of those big things in life. Got some final papers for deb to sign to give to the attorney to get him going on our lawsuit against Farmers Insurance. Expect it will be settled sometime next year, and will use the proceeds to pay off the ten grand note I have on the Passat.
Still planning to retire from any real training and racing after next year. The more I contemplate it, the more it seems like the right thing to do. I have at least 500 awards and medals......a few more won't change anything, besides, I don't want to find myself in the end, racing against this guy.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping The Streak Alive!

On Sunday night, my bride and I had difficulty sleeping due to nasty sore throats. On monday morning, we knew we were screwed and had the beginnings of a nasty respiratory virus. Now Deb just said "oh well" and went back to bed for the last three days. I of course became a whining bitch a bit frustrated with this state of affairs. Now on top of this virus, all this laying around and coughing has made my freakin' back that much sorer. So I have managed to keep the streak alive of being healthy one out of every three months since turning 60. There is that old saying that a definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Even when healthy, I seem to only get about three good building weeks before some shit befalls me. Now I am a batshit crazy bullhead somewhat stubborn fellow, but at some point, it just starts to get completely unreasonable. That is what I was thinking last Saturday when I struggled to pass and stay ahead of a young couple taking quarter mile or so turns to push their ugly progeny in a three wheel running stroller. Why the hell am I still trying to do this? Now I don't mean why am I still running, but why do I still think after 39 years that I can still go thru long training cycles to make improvements in my speed and endurance. I have not had a period of more than 6 weeks without some issue in three years.
So, I think that when I get over this viral shit and irritated spinal column, I will just give up trying to traditionally train or attempt any kind of cycles of building either distance or intensity. I will run my 4 days a week, and if I feel good on any days, I will add a few cruise intervals and try to go a few kilometers longer, but no longer attempt to formalize anything. I will just race occasionally for "fun" into my 40th year of running, and presuming nothing about this crippled fucked up body changes, will give up the ghost of racing after that. My ego just can't take the constant bruising of being beaten bye old women, girls wearing tutu's, people pushing strollers, fat guys, and the assorted handicapped person. It just gets to be too much. They used to say that 80% of anything is just showing up, but in my case, showing up is just 80% embarrassment.......

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Strange Las Cruces Storm!

Woke at 5:15 on Saturday morning from a very weird and disturbing dream. Wonder if I hadn't had the alarm set to get up for the race, if I would have gotten away with out remembering it. That would have been preferable. Anyway, as I got within about 20 miles from Las Cruces, I noticed a very large storm front with lots of thunder and lightening coming in from the south. Got to the race and registered, hit the porta-potti, and did a long 30 minute easy warm up. Since it was only a two mile race and my back was still sore, I had planned to run a 5k warmup, do the 3 plus kilometers for the race, and then maybe do a final one kilometer warm down after the race. There was a bunch of kids running a one mile fun run, and our race was to start at 8:15. It started to get windy, with some light rain and thunder and lightening. As we prepared to start, the race director said that he was going to keep the chute open for 20 minutes, and then get all his equipment into the Italian restaurant were the post race festivities were to be held. There were only 42 people in the race with one old guy like me, and primarily high school kids. So, I knew that I would be dragging up the rear. I ran o.k., at a pace I think I could hold again for a 5K later in the fall when I get back from my boy's honeymoon. I finished 34th in 17:48 for an 8:54 pace. The other old fellow who was in his 80's managed to finish almost exactly at 20 minutes and was the final finisher. I ended up barely beating a couple with a stroller who alternated taking turns pushing it. Things just keep getting more embarrassing as they go along. Maybe it is just this freakin' back thing for the millionth time, but I am thinking that maybe next year, my official 40th year of running, will be the end of racing, and I will just reduce my running to 4 one hour runs a week with some minimal intensity just for heart health. Walking can't be too much farther behind......
When we all got into the restaurant to eat breakfast, do awards, and get raffle stuff, the sky opened up for an hour and a half of insanity. Breakfast was good, the awards were just 1st thru 3rd for those under 18 and those over 18, so, needless to say, no award for the two geezers. They raffled off about 40 excellent gifts, including a lot of restaurant stuff and money awards for the new running, with about 70 runners total counting all the younguns running the mile, I managed not to win a thing. 35 years of racing, and so far I have won a harley davidson set of car coasters to protect your beverage holes (they were truck size and I gave them to a neighbor), and an oil change. Gave that away also. So, not very lucky in these things. When I left, the rain had returned to a drizzle, but the roads were all lakes. Moved thru town at about ten miles an hour. Got the Thorn tire liners put in my new bike tires and stopped at Barnes and Knobles for some coffee for both consumption there and a bag for home. Also walked into the mall to get a watch battery put in and an original watch band put on an old watch. On the way home, I noticed that once I hit the border patrol station, it looked like there had been no rain at all. When I got home and talked to Joe, it had been completely dry here. Went over to see AD, Chris, and June in the evening for way too much wine and dinner, and then came home to watch Johnny Football and the browns against the lions that I had recorded while I was gone. Johnny showed flashes of excellence, but far more bad decisions, bad reads, slow play, and even a stupid head first slide. Hoyer did not take advantage of the opportunity to play better, and Johnny is slated to start against a good washington defense later next week. Tonight we are due more rain, so I will try and get out for an easy hour. Not gonna try to run to much before vacation, as I have to get my back squared away and I don't know if I will race before one race I like in December. The wet july appears to be heading into a very wet august......