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Friday, January 23, 2015

Alternating Weather!

Weather continues to alternate two days at a time.......60's and sunny, and high 30's/low 40's with rain and snow. The ten day forecast remains similar. All part of the ugliest winter in the 7 years we have been here. Storms roll thru southern california, and then cross Tuscon, and start to move north thru New Mexico. Don't know when it will stop.
Ran 12K tuesday and 8K wednesday, but it was just a physical drag. Don't know if it was from the dental procedure diet or just needing to recover from racing on sunday. After hitting the gym yesterday, got in 10K today, with 8K easy and the last 2K at my hoped for race pace for a week from sunday when I do the hilly super sunday 5 mile race. Felt better today. Need to run today thru monday, based on doctor's schedules for Deb and I, as well as tapering into the race.
Finally begining to be able to expand my diet a good bit. Tooth is pretty well settled down, and tongue is about half way healed. Hoping to get back to spicy by a week from sunday, so I can stop at papa murphy's pizza on the way home from the race and get a couple of cook at home pizza's with jalapenos and other hot toppings.
Here is a picture of me crossing the chip pad to record my race finish, and standing with a big loser from some season getting my award. Still am amazed how these people get treated like celebrities for finally taking control of their obesity......

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Dental Procedure Diet!

I said in my New Years blog that I had gained about 5 lbs. over the holidays, and wanted to get that off before spring of 2015. But then I decided to go on the dental procedure diet, and was able to do it in just 10 short days!
On friday morning the 9th, while eating a bowl of special K tree bark, I cracked the molar farthest back on my lower left side. Had to stop chewing, spit out the cereal, and suck down some kefir to finish the meal, and then headed to the gym. When I got home, I did some examination, and could see the damn crack. The dentist had closed at noon, so I left a message and spent the weekend eating soup, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and copious amounts of bourbon. On monday morning I got a call to come in. The dentist took Xrays and said "yup, it's cracked, but I cant tell how deeply for sure until we get in there". So on tuesday morning, I got in, and he began to work on it. Now my mormon dentist to the stars is not the greatest, but then again, this is Deming. It took 6 shots to finally numb the tooth, and he began bye pulling out the broken piece next to an old filling, the filling, and drilled out the tooth. Part way thru the process, he asked me if I was on Cumadin, because there was so much blood. Once he swabbed out the area, he realized that he had sliced the side of my tongue with the burr cutter, and the next thing I know, he was in my mouth with a needle and dissolving thread stitching up my tongue. So when he got to the bottom of the tooth at the gum line, he said that it didn't look like it had cracked below that, so he suggested we do a temporary crown and see if I have any nerve pain or hot or cold sensitivity. When the novocaine wore off, my swollen tongue began to hurt bad. I could not eat anything spicy, acidic, or salty without looking like a hunched over constipated man. Yesterday I went back and got the permanent crown put on, and the tooth seems pretty good, with just a bit of throbbing and tenderness of the tissue around the area. My tongue, on the other hand, is still tender and unhappy with almost any kinds of food that aren't bland. Dentist apologized profusely, and said although your mouth and tongue heal quickly, it will take two weeks for the stitches to dissolve, and probably that long before I can start to eat normally again. So, I already dropped my 5 lbs. and may drop a few more before I can eat normally again!
Had my biggest loser race again this year on Sunday. Weather was cold and windy, but at least clear and sunny. I got in the front of the second paddock this year in hopes of not running over and hurting a walker like last year, but there was still a lot of weaving for the first third of a mile or so. The venue was changed to the field of dreams stadium complex where I have run 7 different 5K races over the past 5 years, and it is to my liking. A bit hilly, but out and back over a mixture of side roads and gravel bike trails. The only problem is that every time I have run it, the course is long, as they somehow can't figure out how to let you finish on a track without including that in the distance. This year was no different. When I came down the side alley into the stadium, My garmin already said 5.01 kilometers, so our spin around 2/3rds of the track added an extra 330 yards or so, or about a minute and a half at the pace I was going. So I went thru the chute in 28:08, even though I was at 26:33 when my garmin said we had run 5K. I was 77th overall of about 850 folks. Oddly, my time was good enough for first over the 7 guys in the 55-59 age category, first over the 5 guys in the 60-64 age group, etc, but I was actually beaten by a guy aged 75 who ran if you take off a minute and a half for him also, that is around 24 minutes flat! Remarkable for someone that age! He must have been in a later one of the 8 paddocks, because I never saw him until he came up to get his award. Tiny little whippet of a fellow......anyway, so when the pictures are available, I will post them. Meanwhile, when you are able to eat something spicy and tasty, think of me.......

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Everything's Fine.......Until It's Not!

I have not needed any dental work in the last 10 years. All my old shit, my 10 old crowns and 8 fillings have held up well. On friday morning, prior to hitting the gym, I was wolfing down a small bowl of special K tree bark, when I had some horrid pain on the bottom left side of my mouth. I had to throw out half the bowl, and finished my meal with a glass of keefir. I did my gym work, and then did some grocery shopping, and then headed home. After a bit of painful exploration, I was able to tell that my furthest back lower left molar has vertically fractured. This tooth had held a large filling for at least 20 years. This is the first dental repair to finally give up the ghost. So, from researching, the dentist will do an Xray to determine how deep the fracture is, and decide weather to pull the tooth and do an implant, or weather the tooth could be salvaged and crowned. Either one will be painful and expensive. The dentist office was closed friday afternoon, so I left a message to call me monday. So it has been scrambled eggs, soup, and yogurt for the last couple days, and I am already tired of that diet. I have to take Deb to her pain doc on wednesday, but other than that, need to get this repair started this week.......
Have run 73 kilometers over the first 11 days of the year. Weather has remained generally shitty, with only two of those days being half way decent. 10 day forecast looks better, but you just never know. Hope it is nice on the 18th when I run the 2nd annual biggest loser 5K and try to keep from running over any children.......

Monday, January 5, 2015

Better Weather!

Two nice days of running in good weather. Yesterday was a sunny breezy 53. I ran 12 kilometers. Today was 57, sunnny, and windless. Got in 8 more kilimeters with 6 by 2 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries. Tomorrow I will hit the gym, run again wednesday and thursday, hit the gym friday, and finish the week with runs on saturday and sunday. Weather for the next 10 days is all due to be sunny and 50's. Needed a break like that from the previous 35 horrid days of weather. Looks like my friends out east and in the midwest are going to enjoy a week of much colder weather. That's what they get for laughing at me......
Need to drop the extra 5 lbs. I added for the holidays this year. Way too much good food and alcohol. I am running as much as my old body is able, and lifting weights twice a week, so will have to do it thru eating and drinking less. Gotta keep the weight down so the pounding stays down!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2029 Kilometers In 2014!

That's what running with a garmin does to you! What horrid weather to finish the year. Got out during step two of my baby back rib smoking process (wrapped in tin foil with apple juice!) around 2 P.M. It was 27 degrees, with a wind chill of 13. So my last 53 minutes of running an 8K this year was miserable. Doesn't look much better over the next two days where we are due snow. I finished the year with 2029 kilometers, a number I doubt I will ever be able to repeat. For the 50 weeks of running I did this year (minus the two weeks of death flu last february), it averaged out to 25.36 miles a week, or around 4 hours and 45 minutes per week. Pretty consistent year without any major injuries to speak of.....just two three week episodes of ITB syndrome on my outer right knee, once in june and once in november. So it looks like 2015 will start out healthy but ugly......
I made german potato salad today and am smoking three full slabs of baby backs that Joe bought for me in september. I thawed them for a few days. I cut off the ugly tops of each slab for use tomorrow in my annual pork, potato, onion, and kraut made in the slow cooker. So today, Joe and I will get a full slab, and my neighbor Doc edwards will get a half slab. I am in my final hour and last step of the 5 hour smoking period, where you slather them with sauce. I nibbled an edge from my full slab after pulling them out of their tin foil tenderizing period, and they are gonna be my best slabs yet!!
So, happy new years to everyone I love, and I hope you all have a safe and very healthy 2015!

Friday, December 26, 2014

4 Days Of Misery.....And 10 More To Come!

Due to the holiday hours of the gym this week and next, had to run 4 days in a row this week. Tomorrow I will hit the gym for a needed break. Ran 33 kilometers over those last 4 days counting today, and each one seemed more miserable than the previous one. Temps have been low 40's with wind chills in the high 30's. Had rain three of those 4 days, and snow for a while today. The picture is of the florida mountains 14 miles to the southwest. Nice snow and ice cover. The forecast for the next 10 days thru january 4th doesn't look any better. Saps my motivation, adds a nice level of joint pain, and keeps my intensity level lower also. My bud chris is here at June's over christmas, and even he, with great genetic superiority, 20 good years on me, has been struggling with this. Anway, will keep struggling thru until it warms up.....
Chris and AD will be over tonight for wine and to watch guardians of the galaxy streamed thru directv. They head home saturday morning. Enjoyed their company over the last two days. With Deb in a fibro napping cycle, gave me someone to hang with. For all my whining about SuziQ, I always spent december recording movies on hbo and showtime to watch with her over the 9 days we usually had her from christmas thru new years. So it goes........

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Closing In On Year End!

Not a great week of weather, but I got 46 kilometers in, even with my irritated knee. The stretches and strengthening are helping, but it still acts up when running long or fast. On tuesday I ran 10K with 33 minutes in the middle at just a hair below 10K race pace. on wednesday I ran 8K easy. Thursday I had to take deb in for her second round of spinal injections (going well!). Friday I ran 11K with 9.5K easy, and a fast finish for the final 1.5 K at around 5 mile race pace. Saturday I did an easy 7K, and today I did another 10K with 8k easy and 2k at the end also around 5 mile race pace. So I have been running primarily 5 days a week for the past 10 weeks, and averaging around 5 hours of running each week. Next race scheduled in mid january for my second crack at the biggest loser run. Hope not to crash over anyone this year.
I will end up running 4 days in a row in each of the next two weeks, as the dim bulb that runs the gym has it closed for three days each over the christmas and new years holidays.....don't like to do that, so I will need to be careful and insure that I sprinkle in a lot of easy recovery days.
Joe and Janet left early this morning for laughlin and vegas. They should return late on the 29th. Chris and AD will get here christmas eve afternoon. We will have prime rib at June's on christmas day. A couple days before new years I will thaw the two large slabs of ribs Joe gave me a few months ago to smoke, trim the two small ends for my annual new years eve and new years day pork, pork ribs, potatoes, and sour kraut, and smoke the two slabs for joe and I to snack on. So that should get me to the new year......