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Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's Easier When You Can Breathe!

Had a pretty decent run today. My lungs went the night without the bellows wheezing, and they felt almost normal this morning. 5 days of steroids for my lungs and sinuses seems to be doing the job. Will use both for anther 10 days or so just to be sure all is cleared up. Weather was 58, sunny, and with low winds. That is the forecast for the next 9 days, with lows in the evening around 29, so that should also finally kill that damn sagebrush pollen. Did 10K today with 5 five minute cruise intervals, each a good bit faster than the one before, with two minute recoveries between them. Felt almost perfectly normal. Maybe I can start to get back on track, as I have 7 and 9 weeks before the two 5K's I have been anticipating starting the year with.
This looks like a good project I may start to work on after I get a few roof and stucco tasks finished over the next couple weeks........

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Roid' Rage!

My allergies finally came to a massive head this week. On Wednesday, I ran the slowest 8K I have run in years. The allergies have gotten so bad, they have started to effect my lungs. So, I gave in and began to double up on the steroids.....Flonase for the sinuses, and Flovent for the lungs. Should take about three to five days for the steroids to get to full effect. Won't push the running too much until next week. The weather is going to be cold and wet as well, so my motivation probably won't swell much anyway. The only good that should come of this, is the low temperature at night will be around 29 for the next three days, so maybe that will kill that freakin' sagebrush pollen.....
Deb is in the kitchen getting the bird and sides started. We have Chris and AD coming over around 3, and we are planning to eat sometime after 5, and then we are going to watch Exodes: Gods and Kings that I recorded on HBO last week. Been raining since I got up. So I am getting an Ohio Thanksgiving....

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bush, Cheney, And Rumsfeld.......Remember The Creation Of Isis Runs Thru The Three Stooges!

The events of Paris have their genesis in the actions of the three stooges. Now the invasion cheerleaders are back talking about ground troops in Syria and Iraq. 50 to 250 thousand ground troops over 5 or so years to clear Isis out. Remember the friendly, free, and oil producing Iraq that we were promised? Approximately 40 percent of Muslims may not be terrorists, but they do believe that non-Muslims are infidels. They are not volunteering to fight Isis. The Saudis, who I still believe supported 9/11, won't send troops to Syria or Iraq. The Turks won't. The Europeans will bomb, but will not send in ground troops. Iraq will send fighters into Iraq for their own interests. Russia would, only if they could expand their empire. So we would sacrifice more of our children, bring home more disabled vets that we won't care for, and continue to destroy and bankrupt our own nation at home. And Trump could start by sending his own kids to war first. So lets remember, whenever the Hawks start to beat the drums for war, how incredibly wrong they were before.....
Kind of an odd and rough week of running. Weather was horribly cold and wet, and I just can't seem to get past this freakin' allergy crap. Did what I needed to do, but there was little joy in mudville. On monday I ran 8K while Billy walked. Was way under dressed.  It was 37 with 40 mph winds and a wind chill of 25. Wednesday I ran 10K with 4 bye 7 minute cruise intervals with 3 minute recoveries. Thursday I ran an easy 8K. Saturday I ran 8K with an interval ladder of 1,2,3,4,3,2, and 1 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. That one spent me. Today I went out to go long and easy. My gut was bothering me, so I took some paper towels just in case. At about 3 kilometers in, I had to run behind a blue metal storage building out by the fairgrounds and I spray painted the side of it. I pity the person who has to clean that mess up, especially after it has a chance to dry in the sun. Finished a run of 10K, but my heart and colon just weren't in it. That usually befalls me about twice a year. So the week was 44 kilometers, but just not pleasurable. More like the job of running. Next week starts out warmer, but from Thanksgiving onward, gets wet, windy, and cold again. Freakin' El Nino. They say it has an 80 percent chance of lasting thru the spring......

Friday, November 6, 2015

Adjusting Heart Rate Zones!

Got in three hard runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Wednesday's was not intentional. On Tuesday, I ran 10K with a 5K tempo interval in the middle, with each kilometer being slightly quicker than the one before. Wednesday was supposed to be a recovery day, but it rained all morning, and when I went out early in the afternoon, there were 30 mph winds with gusts into the 40's. So an easy recovery run was a bit of a beater. On Thursday I decided to try a HIT run. I warmed up with 20 minutes easy, then 20 minutes of 20 second sprints all out followed by 40 seconds to recover. It got harder as it went along and during the last three minutes, my heart rate, when downloading the information thru the ANT stick onto the computer, showed I hit 168 a number of times. I followed this up with a recovery that had me finishing a total of 8K. Surprisingly, I was not horribly sore in the evening or today at the gym.
Now I have been utilizing a max heart rate of 164 as what I believed was my exercising max, and setting my easy/recovery/long rate, tempo rate, and interval rate off of that number. Now weather my rate is actually 168, or there is just a measuring error with my optical heart rate sensor, I will now adjust my heart rate training zones accordingly......sub 126 for easy/long/recovery runs, 143-6 for peak tempo runs, and 151-156 for shorter intervals........will probably wait a few weeks or so and try another HIT workout and compare the numbers, cause that is just a damned hard workout to force yourself to do very often!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Death Bye Sagebrush!

This summer was bye far the wettest of the 9 summers we have spent here in the bootheal of New Mexico. As a result, we still have lots of plants with flowers awaiting a few evenings of frost to kill them off. The worst offenders of all are the sagebrush plants.....they line all my running trails, and all of the fields to the east and south of country club. They are particularly allergy intense. There is no escape, so Deb and I have been mouth breathers for a month. None of the potions, pills, or sprays have done much for it. The forecast for the next week is nice and sunny in the low 70's, with lows at night approaching the high 30' frost yet in sight. Will have to just wait it out!
Did an easier week to let my sore old body try to recover from the mileage and pounding. Lots of mileage, especially on asphalt with my trails being muddy, have irritated my knees and back. Next week looks so much better.
On Tuesday I ran 9K with a single tempo interval of 24 minutes. Thursday I did 10K with 5 bye 5 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. Saturday I ran 8K with two ten minute intervals with a two minute recovery interval. Today I ran a nice and easy 8K, pretty much all on nice soft dirt! So, 35 kilometers for the week, and feeling fairly ready to get back to hard work until Billy Bob gets here on the 12th!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beat Up!

Another long hard week, with most of the miles on asphalt. Due to rain and hail, my trails weren't passable until saturday. Feel pretty beat up after 46 kilometers this week on 5 run days. This represents the 6th week in a row of  5 run days with the last 4 weeks including lots of intensity. Next week Deb has two doctors appointments in Las Cruces, so this will be a good week for me to run 4 times and with lower mileage to allow my body to reap the benefits of those last 6 weeks. A process with a fancy name called overcompensation. 
On Tuesday I ran 12K.....10K easy and 2K hard at the end. Wednesday was 8K easy. Thursday I did 10K with 7 bye 4 minutes with 2 minute recoveries at around 5 mile race pace. That was a beater. Saturday I did 8K with 8 bye two minutes with two minute recoveries at around 3K race pace. Another beater. Today I finished with an 8k very easy run. Feel like I am making good progress to run a few strong 5K's in January and Febuary 2016!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Skeleton Elfie!

A month ago, when I was in Cruces for my one year Dub service, I stopped at a local tatoo shop and had this nice pretty gal hurt me for an hour and give me my Skeleton Elfie. Told you I was gonna do it! Sure surprised the hell out of my bride! It is nice and fully healed now!
Had another excellent running week with lots of intensity. On tuesday I ran 10K with 5 cruise intervals of 7,7,5,5, and 5 minutes at around 5 mile race pace with two minute recoveries. Damn tough workout. Wednesday was an easy 8K. Thursday was 8K with 5 bye three minutes at close to 5K race pace with 2 minute recoveries. Saturday was another 10K with a 15 and 12 minute set of tempo intervals separated by a 2 minute recovery interval. Today was 7K with 10 minutes of alternating sprints/recoveries of 30 seconds all out. So an hour and twenty minutes of intensity in 42 kilometers of running. Not too shabby!