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Friday, August 9, 2019

Good News Day!


Saw the EP today and I have been Afib free for the last 6 month. Tonight  will be my last dose of xarelto, followed by starting 81 mg. aspirin in the morning tomorrow going forward. Between the cost and the constant easy bleeding, will be glad to be done with it. Now if Deb crashes us going 100 mph, at least I might not bleed out.
My pacer has gone off approximately 4 tenths of one percent of the time, primarily after longer runs where it tries, for a few minutes, to drop below 50 BPM. So that is pretty good news as well.
Last potential good news is that we received a cash offer on the house, and are awaiting an appraisal and inspection before it is finalized. Deb and I are both anxious and hoping that will occur. If all goes well we will close on Sept 10th, and be in Longbeach MS sometime after October 10th. Keep your fingers and toes crossed......

Monday, July 1, 2019

The 3% Lie!

I have had a lot of medical procedures in these past 67 years, and every time I discuss it with the doctors, they say, there is a 3% chance of.....
Saw the urologist today. All thru my 60's, I have had a PSA in the low 3's. After ending up in the ICU from having my heart punctured, my next PSA test result was 5.7. They dosed me with antibiotics, and it went back to 3. So they did a prostate ultrasound which showed I had nodules, but that is not unusual at this age. So, we keep toying with doing that painful biopsy, but that would require coming off blood thinners for 5 days. That means increased stroke risk. Now when I saw my cardiac EP last, he suggested a watchman. Would have to go to Austin, and guess what, 3% chance of blood clot from the procedure. Had meniscus surgery.....3% chance of complications. Had 2 ablations.....3% chance of complications. Had pacemaker installed....I was in the fucking 3% that time! I guess my point is, they often don't know the current risks of many procedures, and certainly don't have long tern risk data on newer procedures. Watchman is a good example. There are class action lawsuits about it. My Xarelto, class action lawsuits about that. So next time you have a procedure scheduled, see if they tell you there is a 3% chance of......

Friday, June 28, 2019

World Banks Economic Engineering!

Well, no luck so far on the house sales front. Continuing to get in my 30+ kilometers of running per week, but really been tough the past two weeks in this summer heat wave. Hoping we get to monsoon season soon.
Debt....Half of Americans are drowning in debt and couldn't come up with $500 in an emergency without selling something or borrowing the money from somewhere or someone. Corporations and countries are in no better shape. We are at historic debt levels everywhere. Lets say you have $28000 of assorted debt and you consolidate it to a long term low cost loan.  Great, you have managed to push your debt out in time. Your next logical step is to then attack that debt as aggressively as possible, not to say "we're all clear, lets borrow a shit more". No country has yet to escape a negative interest rate environment. Currently a quarter of the worlds economies are operating in a negative rate environment. Japan has done so for 30 years and remains a zombie economy. The US will soon work its way down to an effective negative rate environment. What that says is that your country is effectively, for the moment, currently bankrupt, you can't service your debt, and you need to push your debt into the future. Our massive unnecessary tax cut in 2018 is driving our national debt into a massive hole. We will join Europe soon. Engineering will fail. Shortly, central banks will print more money, devalue their currencies against each other, and create a hyper inflated world where more economies will collapse. I have never before been a gold bug kind of guy, but maybe that hard asset has found its historical time again. One of my boy's favorite sayings is that people often over estimate the value of their future earnings, and see that as an escape from stupidity. This is going to end so very badly......

Friday, May 24, 2019

Strange Days Are Here!

Lost a good friend today, Rick Day. Rick and I met when I came to the Lake County Department of Human Services and we became cubicle mates. They took Rick's office and build a temporary wall to split it into two, and he took it all in stride. He laughed when I talked on the phone with folks, and kept trying to stop me from fighting with the Director at that time. It was to no avail, but we were lifelong friends from that point. We helped each other thru some difficult divorces, and shared a lunatic love of the browns. After also losing Billybob, that just leaves Ernie, Frank, and I to shoulder on......
The house has been listed for 10 days and there have been over 400 looks and 16 saves on zillow, but noone has asked for a tour as yet. Hoping to get to Gulfport/Biloxi and put Deb on one of their beaches like the picture above before we leave this mortal coil.
Have settled into 30K of running over 4 days pretty steadily with the addition of those 3 days of weight training each week. Almost always seems like effortful hard work, without the joy of running I had up into my 50's. Speed has only marginally improved, and seems pretty set at this slow jog. Still try once a week to do 3K of tempo running at the end of my saturday run, but that isn't causing any overall speed increase, and is also not particularly enjoyable.  Think that I am in a place where I will try to hold on as long as I can, before it gets even slower and shorter.
Most of my life I have felt like I was fighting hard to get to somewhere/ I feel like I am just going with the ebb and flow......

Friday, April 26, 2019


God only knows what Brian Wilson meant.....Snow Patrol 

I seem to have reached both an orthopaedic and cardiovascular limit of late. That goal of 4 hours a week or running seems prophetic now. I run a bit more than an hour on tuesday and thursday, and then back off on the back to back saturday and sunday runs. I continue to try and do about 3K of tempo work on the end of my saturday run, and then slog thru on sunday. my frankenspine and repaired right knee squawk a bit after every run, and my heart rate stays reasonable most days. Slow as molasses now, and don't think that is ever coming back. But on the bright side, had a lot of doubts about ever running again during that 2 years of heart madness, and the gym work 3 days a week seems to be keeping me upright.
Plan to spend the summer trying to get the house in tip top shape in the hopes of trying to sell it in the fall. In two years I'll approach 70, and I just don't see myself climbing on the roof doing roof coating or other assorted jobs around here. If successful, would like to find a one bedroom apartment on the Ocean somewhere until my ride arrives......

Friday, March 29, 2019

Failure IS an option!

Well after missing 2 years due to all this heart nonsense, my goals for April 1st were to get to 4 hours of running weekly, and covering 5 miles/8K consistently in those hours. Neither goal has been hit. I have had 3 different weeks in the last 2 months where I hit 4 hours plus, but have not done it with any  consistency. Last week was my best week in those 6 months, including one run of 10K, but that was followed by this week which has been awful. As far as speed goes, I have done some tempo runs and cruise intervals where I have gotten the pace into an acceptable range, but not a complete run. So, I guess I will continue to attempt those two goals regularly, but doubt I will hit the first consistently, and not sure at this age/stage I will ever get to the 2nd. So in order not to make this harder and less rewarding than it already has been, so long as I get out to run those 4 days a week, I will try to just be satisfied with the results I get. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes....
As far as weights go, I have actually made pretty solid progress, especially over the last 2 months. I lift on those 3 non running days. I have been moving toward 5X5 lifting on the big compound exercises....5 sets of 5 reps. I then finish with 2 or 3 sets on the focused muscle exercises. Then finish with a labrada 40 gram protein drink. Will never get any bigger, especially at this age, but have gotten stronger.
Getting another echo in July....heart doc wants to check how major/minor my aortic prolapse is. If it is getting worse, need to consider getting it repaired before it gets bad enough to need to be replaced....could be a factor in my endurance struggles....

Monday, January 28, 2019

Sticky Progress!

No, I'm not talking about a new Mary Jane strain, but how difficult it has been to scratch out much improvement since returning to running. I am now covering about 28-30 kilometers a week over my 4 weekly runs, with my longest thus far being 9.5 kilometers. Will attempt to get to a steady 10K, 8K, 6K, and 6K weekly set of runs going forward. That has proven more doable so far as compared to getting some basic speed back. Simply trying to get to a comfortable 5 MPH pace, and have incorporated some tempo work on one of the shorter runs each week to try and get there. Don't really know if it is my weakened heart, the 2 year layoff, or just aging that are making this so difficult. The largest performance decline in endurance exercise comes between age  60-69....a total decline of 30.7%,  much greater by far than any other ten year age span. So who knows the why, but so far, I have generally only gotten about 15 seconds per kilometer closer to where I want to get, which is still 30 seconds a kilometer from my goal. So I will trot along, keep plugging at it, and see where we end up by the time the excellent shirtless weather comes......