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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

Got my 4 runs in again last week. 2 hour runs, one with 6 X 1/4 mile at hopefully mile pace, one with 20 minutes at threshold pace, one 4 miler on the treadmill with a mile of hill climbs at the end, and then last night, an hour and a half, where the first hour is easy, and the last half hour is moderate. Boy was it hard last night. Went ungodly slow for the first hour, and not that moderate in the subsequent half hour. Heat has been really bad here as well as everywhere else in this country this past week. Made it tougher than it should have been. Feel like I am constantly drinking water, diet pop, electrolytes (banana flavored nuun tabs), and a good bit of BEER! Cant seem to go too hard in the heat and with my back still giving me fits of numb feet. Sure hope I can beat this over the next 6 weeks or so. This is how my belly looks from all this damn fluid! Does make it easy to keep your hands free while enjoying a brew!!

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