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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days 2!

Was about 90% out of the market today thank God. After coming home from the gym, I went in during the lasts 20 minutes and bought some of my favorites again for another shot at the short term market trade. Here are some of the examples....Citi is back to 3.80 range. Ign, the mobile phone and internet infrastructure etf, motorola, xme mining and minerals etf, pxq networking etf, rackspace holdings, express scripts, and xlf, the broad financial etf. Now all of this will work if the market at least stabilizes and goes back up a bit over the next few days. We shall see...... I don't expect to hold any of these by months end unless some economic miracle occurs. I will just keep bouncing in and out like a loon. The Dow is again negative for the year. I think i'm turning Japanese I think i'm turning Japanese I really think so......

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