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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Runnin' And Scootin'

Had a fairly good week running, considering it was cold and pretty windy all week. Wore light gloves, stocking cap, and calf compression socks all week. Ran 6 miles with 5 times .4 mile repeats at slightly faster than 5K pace, 6 miles with 10 times 220 as fast as I could, and an 8 and 5 mile easy run. Hard to get too motivated to do a lot of speed work when I have no races in the immediate future.
Did some reading on the googley intertubes last night to reacquaint myself with low speed motorcycle maneuvering and turning in general. The three main things I had to relearn are to sight where you want to go, only use the rear brake on turns, and most importantly, press on the handlebar in the direction you are turning. I do this on the mountain bike, but forgot it on the scoot. It is counter intuitive. pressing the handlebar into the turn braces the front wheel and allows you to turn smoothly thru lean. I spent an hour today in a couple parking lots practicing figure eights, low speed turns, u turns, etc. Went very well and I gained a tremendous amount of low speed confidence again. Will spend a few minutes again tomorrow after the gym. Also filled the scoot up with gas today. It had 104 miles and took 1.931 gallons of high test for a total of $6.18. That comes out to 53.86 MPG. Pretty good for an engine that is not broken in and mostly 65-70 miles per hour on the freeway.

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