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Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Hot Weekend!

The heat is .....bump bump bump bump....ON! Thanks Glen Frey!
Anyway, we are having a record setting weekend of temperature here in the New Mexico Bootheel. 104 today, 105 saturday, and 106 sunday! Yowza. The smoke has been very mild this week thus far, and I have gotten outside to run twice, and 3 times inside on the treadmill in the air conditioning under a ceiling fan...On the one outside run I started at 99 degrees at 7 P.M., and finished 9 miles about 99 minutes later at a cool 90 degrees. On the other, I started at 7:15 P.M. at a stunning 103, and finished a little over an hour later at 95. I ran 6 miles with 6 repeats of 4/10ths of a mile with .15 mile recovery intervals. I wanted to run those at 5K pace, but halfway into the first interval, I readjusted and slowed them to 8K pace. Got them all in evenly with those short recoveries. On Saturday I am due for a 7 miler with about 3 miles at 10K pace, but I have already given myself permission to slow down up to half marathon pace (about 30 seconds per mile slower). On sunday, I will do an easy 4 miles for a total for the week of 32 miles. That will give me an average of 33 miles per week for the past 4 weeks. Hope to hold that thru mid July, and then taper down 10 days toward the Senior Games. As I said before, this has really been a tough period trying to prepare for these games. Reminds me of those two summers of weekly 2 hour long runs in the summer evenings in Mesquite preparing for the Huntsman games half marathon. If only this training would pay off as well as that training did for those two hilly hard half marathons. We shall surely see!

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