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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rough Week In New Mexico!

Hot, Windy, and Smokey week here in the great southwest. Only got outside to run twice, both 8 milers. On one I did 4 bye 8 tenths of a mile at slightly slower than 10K pace (was 99 degrees out), and the other with 3.25 miles slower than threshold (was 101 out). Both runs started at around 7 PM and concluded at sundown, or should I say, smokedown. All the other 5 runs were easy 3 or 4 milers on the treadmill at the gym. This weekend, the winds picked up to 30 MPH across the state, with gusts up to 50. Needless to say, all the fires spread and new ones popped up. The Wallow fire is at 550 thousand acres, the largest in arizona history. The Horseshoe 2 fire that smokes us the most, is 250 thousand acres and the third largest in arizona history. There are 18 more fires in New Mexico, with large ones outside Santa Fe, Ruidoso, and Carlsbad. Can't wait until 4th of july when the one tooth desert cowbillies start a fire everywhere else. We are at least three weeks away from the beginning of the monsoon season, if it comes, and any chance of relief. So, I guess the one thing that I am sure of, is that I will go into the NM Summer games on suboptimal training. Lets hope all my competitors aren't rich guys training up in the clean crisp air in montana!

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