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Monday, October 17, 2011

There Is Only One Solution!

The few have taken control from the many. Corporations are people too! No, actually if they were, they would be sociopaths, and you would not want to live next door to them. They now have full control over our politicians and our economy. They get the politicians to protect their greed and criminality, and continually raid our public coffers when their lunatic risks end in failure. If you believe that you live in a democracy, I would argue that you don't, so long as they have complete control over the politicians we elect. As can be seen from the disparity between what polls show people want and what politicians do, our voices are quickly becoming mere shouting into a cave. THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION. No politician will ever again listen to the people until corporate money is removed from our political process. Nothing else can logically work. Please sign your name to the attached constitutional amendment. Nothing else will ever get fixed until this happens.......

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