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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Two!

Didn't sleep well. Couldn't get on my sides where I normally sleep. Cat also wanted to sleep between my legs. Got up early and did my exercises and iced. Pain is just uncomfortable, not really bad. The pain pills don't stone me like the first time. That must have been a combination of the oxycodone and the anasthesia wearing off. Back is as sore as the knee from not being able to stretch and being forced to always be lying on my back. O.K.,got my whine quota in. Deb went out and took new pictures of the blooming plant today. I think this plant is like the ones we had in mesquite, where they only grow about 4 feet or so and just have a giant flower. Deb is finally better, and able to both move around without crutches and do some chores to help me. We are muddling along together pretty well.....

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