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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nike Journey For A Better World!

Did a hard bike ride on thursday for an hour and fifteen minutes, and today spun for a half hour on the exercycle and did all the upper and lower body weight routines. My knee has calmed down from my elliptical fiasco. I will talk to the doc on tuesday and see if I can get an idea why I swell so damn much whenever I try to do any running or running like activities. Maybe it is all just too soon. I will also ask him about any good physiotherapist in Las Cruces and about orthotics. Can only do what I can do. Anyway, during my thursday ride I was going by the hampton inn and saw this truck and trailer. Came home and looked it up online. Pretty cool cause. So, I drove over later to see if I could find someone and offer them a free beer or two at the brewpub. No one answered on the room phone, no one was in the pool or exercise area, and the desk lady had no idea if they were there or not. I left a note with my phone number offering those beers, but never got a call. Oh well....what you gonna do....Saw John Melloncamp doing this song as part of a documentary I watched last night. Man I like it!

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