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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why Did The Cow Cross The Road!!

Cause he's stupid! Woke up today and asked my knee what it wanted to do. It "barked" hike at rockhound and skip the gym. So, since it was a nice sunny high 70's day, and my knee was sore, I scootered to rockhound trying to get to this spot where thundereggs are. Now I tried to approach this spot from four different directions, but the knee kept saying no, and getting down from each failed attempt made both knees sore. Also ran into 3 rattlesnakes, and had they not slithered off, I would have had to probably dive to my death. As I was heading back to the scooter, I thought "you know the geode kid sells those uncut thundereggs for 2 bucks a pound". That is probably better than dying for them. When my friend Joe gets back from vegas, we are gonna go to the geode kid's mine and sift thru the trailings. That sounds like more fun and less dangerous. I did manage to find a few nice rocks including this nice jasper....
After that, I scooted up to the top of snow canyon and walked the half mile lovers leap trail. Took a picture on the way out...
On the way home the cows were criss crossing the road eating the greens from roadside, so I stopped and took a picture of their asses. Came home and iced both knees, and now I am off to wallyworld to get some wine, booze, creamer, and other crap for dinner. Sure wish I could get this damn knee to heal faster!

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