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Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 Kachina Cross Country Classic!

I volunteered to help my friends Chris And AD put on this fine event in Las Cruces today. It was a beautiful day on the golf course, and the women ran 5K and the men ran 8K. I was the time screamer at the mile one mark for the women, and the mile one and three for the men. The weather was nice and cool, the course perfectly marked, and the fairways were smooth and well groomed. The two male leaders from UTEP came thru one mile in 4:48, and held on to finish at a 4:53 and 5:01 pace. NMSU won the female meet, and the NMSU men were second to UTEP. There were runners from UNM, a community college from El Paso, and the Navaho Nation. There were a few unattached runners doing it for fun, but they got burned pretty badly, so I'm not sure how much fun it was. My fastest 8K time ever would have put me tied for 40th out of 47. Had a great day with Chris and AD, did some shopping, and then came home. Have not been able to run on this calf all week, so have been just doing the bike, exercycle, and weights. MAY try a short run tomorrow if it feels better, if not, it will have to go a few more days. I'm still running on faith and hoping I can get my body to get past all this different hurting shit and be able to run regularly in 2013! The weather is getting cooler at night and the cats are starting to sleep on the bed or under the covers. Need to get them these sweatshirts!

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