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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Paul Ryan Is A Pathological Liar, A Narcissist, And A Coward!

Since being nominated for VP a few weeks ago, I have been watching Paul Ryan tell one lie after another, either in interviews or in prepared speeches, like at the republican convention, and have been amazed at the ease with which he lies. He is well practiced it seems. So, when I saw him say in an interview the other day that his BEST marathon time was 2:50 something, I immediately knew it was a lie. I assumed he would try and worm out of it bye saying he was a bandit in a race so that it wasn't official. But that was where the compounding part of the lie caught him.....bye saying it was his BEST. See, I have run 9 marathons in my life and I can tell you that in 1994, just prior to my 43rd birthday, I ran a 3:10:58 (7:17 pace) marathon in Atlantic city to qualify for the 100th Boston Marathon. See, I knew it was a lie because NO ONE forgets their marathon PR. They can recite it to the second. So today we get word from his campaign that, in fact, he only ran ONE marathon while in college at an official time of 4 hours, one minute, and 25 seconds. That is a pace of 9 minutes and 13 seconds per mile. A two hour and fifty minute marathon translates to a pace of 6 minutes and 29 seconds a mile. Easy to get those two paces confused. Ryan is clearly pathological, and as such, unfit to hold office of any kind. Little eddie munster is also a coward. When he gets caught in his lies, he never admits it. He lied about the closing of the GM plant in his home district, saying Obama let it close when it closed a month before he took office. And he lied about the Simpson Boles report saying that there actually was one that Obama ignored, when in fact, He and his Tea Tards killed it before a report could be issued due to the refusal to agree to any tax increases. A liar and a coward, who has obviously been a little liar all of his adult life, maybe even in his youth. Pathological Liars are often folks with a narcissistic personality disorder. These are people who think that the entire world revolves around their needs and desires......What do you think from what you've seen?

1 comment:

Desert Dirt said...

Lying about one's marathon time - an odd thing to do considering that it's easily verifiable. There's a certain level of dishonor in such a claim. I also noted in the interview transcript that he said he "doesn't run marathons anymore". It implies he used to be a marathoner which is clearly not the case.

I don't care for the man's politics anyhow.