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Monday, September 10, 2012

Preparing For October!

Over the last five weeks, I have covered 37 Kilometers each week, running either four or five days. My long runs were either 10 or 11 Kilometers. The knee is holding up, and the back is better. Currently, I have re-pulled my left calf in a place I have hurt at least twice a year over the past few years. I must have some scar tissue there that is highly susceptible to tearing. It is deep in the center in the calf...highly resistant to ice, ultrasound, or massage. I will probably end up needing to take much of the week off and ride the bike again. Probably came from trying to run speedwork in those Newtons before the calves are ready. In these past 5 weeks, I have tried short and long intervals, just to test out the knee, and it seems to be holding up well. So, starting in October, The 6th month post surgery, I will be laying out a new training strategy for 5K's ONLY that will probably involve shorter runs, less overall mileage, but a different take on the speedwork that I will do. I will do 5 bye one Kilometer and try to build those as close to 5K pace as possible. I will also explore the Veronique Billat speedwork buildup that starts at 30 second alternating speedwork, moves to minutes, and ultimately to 5 bye three minutes. Unless I can stay healthy enough to run a low mileage higher intensity training program for 5K, no other training program will be possible. So, gotta heal the calf, try and stay healthy for a few more weeks, and then once again try an organized training program. In many ways, this will be like "jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down", but at this age, there just are no safety nets........

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TerribleTerry said...

Well least the weather should be cooling down so your wings won't melt.