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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Like The Movie Groundhog Day!

This back stuff is much like that movie groundhog day....each day I awake about 6 AM with buzzing feet. I curl up into a fetal position to calm things down and go back to sleep until around 10. I then come out to the living room and get on the yoga mat and begin to try and stretch things out. It is either a gym day or a run day. Besides those activities, I then do an hour or so of exercises plus 15 minutes of stretching on the rack followed by some icing. Usually feel reasonably well in the evening, until I head to sleep and start the activities over again the next day.
Tommorow my TD Ameritrade download info will be available, and that will be the last thing I need to complete my taxes. Then I will put my refund in the savings account until I have to start giving it to Doctors. Like my friend Frank said the other day, "your sixties are your golden years, when you transfer all your gold to your doctors". I will give this back thing around 6 more weeks, and then if it has not at least improved some, head to the doctor to start giving him my tax refund.........

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