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Monday, February 4, 2013

One Man's Rituals Is Another Man's OCD!

Well, none of my usual exercises to try to help my disc issue seemed to be working, so I decided I needed to try something completely different. I went to the internet and downloaded two different ebooks on how to heal your bulged or herniated discs, as well as going to ebay to find a used traction sled that I could cover with my paypal bucks from all the crap I have sold recently. So I have begun to do a shitload of different things to try and fix this mess.
So I now have a whole new set of rituals to go thru to solve this. Here are some of the new things that I am trying. 1) Bouncing on a therapy ball. Sounds odd I know, but both e books and some other web sites recommend it. It is like it sound. You sit on it with your arms dangling at your sides and just bob up and down for about 5 minutes. The bouncing oxygenates the disc which is imperative for your body to try and heal it. 2)spinal press ups. You get in a push up position, and straighten your arms while keeping your pelvis locked to the floor.
This exercise attempts to push your disc material from the back toward the front, away from those damn nerves it likes to irritate. 3) Deep exercise ball sit ups. These involve laying on a large therapy ball, trying to get your head as close to the ground as you can to start, and then do crunches. Being in this position really puts the focus and pressure on your lowest ab muscles into your groin. These are the ones that help stabilize your L5-S1 lumbar joint where I believe my symptoms are signaling the offending disc. 4) The traction sled allows you to strap your chest with one set if straps, and your hips with another, and then you use a hand pump to move a sliding platform on your hips to stretch out and spread your vertebrae.
There are many other additional exercises, but these are the ones I have been doing most. Anyway, it may or may not work, but I had to try some different stuff to see if I can fix this without another freakin' surgery. Like my favorite TV character Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory whose OCD is legendary, I will work thru this ritual for a month or so and see if it works. If it doesn't, well then, like sheldon often says, BAZINGA!

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TerribleTerry said...

Maybe try yoga. If not for the exercise.....the scenery. Although I'm guessing there's an inverse relationship between the beauty of nature found in rural/urban areas to the beauty of people who inhabit.