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Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Shirtless Running Day Of 2013!

Today was a beautiful 78 degree sunny and slightly windy day. I was finally able to get my fat, pasty, old body out for a shirtless run. 1st one of 2013. I usually end up shirtless on my runs for about half of the year.
I have been able to maintain 4 runs a week of either 8 or 9 kilometers. My back is very slightly better. Not much return for all of the damn exercises I have invested in the mean time, my surgically repaired knee is getting a bit tweeky. So, if I was ever able to get past this crap, my goal would have to remain 4 runs a week for a total max of 40 kilometers with one longer run, one run with a few shorter intervals, and one run with a few longer intervals. Racing is probably a never, other than doing a T-shirt run with a friend or friends if that kind of an event were to fall into place.....
On a highly irritating note, I went to an eye doc here in Deming who is finally in our new vision network. She tried to put me in soft extended wear lenses which are supposed to be more comfortable.......drove me insane! She also can't seem to dial my scrip in properly on my right eye. Will go in next week and nix the soft lenses, and give her three choices.....refund my co-pay and the insurance payment and let me go back to the guy who gave me these contacts in 2010, send me to someone else in her practice in las cruces, or spend the next month or two trying to get this right. I would prefer one of the first two options.....

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TerribleTerry said...

Deb will have to bring you home a seeing eye cat and train it up.