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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bernanke Postscript!

Today when I left to head up to Silver City to see my doc, the dow was up 120 points. Some time during the afternoon, minutes from the fed showed that they are planning to start to limit large asset purchases beginning in September, and to begin the process of slowing the bond purchasing process bye years end....the dow ended up down 80 points for a nice 200 point intra day swing. Again, as I stated in the previous post, both the stock and bond market will get hammered when this crap stops. I did establish a large position in the 20 year short treasury ETF (Ticker TBF) in all three of our TD Ameritrade accounts, and it jumped 1.46% today, so at least for one day, I got something right.....prepare to gird your loins....

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