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Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's Finally Be Consistant About The Use Of Innapropriate Words!

The big sports story over the last few days has been about the Eagles Riley Cooper and his use of the "N" word at a concert a month before when confronted bye a black security guard. Totally inappropriate and just another indication that we still have miles to go in our national struggle with racial equality. But I do have one big problem with it. We still don't stand up as a society and say that the word is ALWAYS should no longer be condoned when one black person addresses another, and should not be a word used to make money in music or film. I wonder how many players on the Eagles have songs on their ipods or iphones where the word is used to sell music. Would it be appropriate to use the "C" word on a woman if she uses it in reference to a girlfriend? Derogatory words, weather racist, sexist, in reference to gay and lesbian people, or people of any ethnicity need to stop if we are TRUELY going to evolve into a society that treats everyone with respect and dignity.....

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TerribleTerry said...

In Russia the word nigger IS the appropriate word for a black person. They take offense to you calling them black. Black is a color...they are people. Call someone there black and you could get beat up. So it's the exact opposite as here.