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Monday, September 23, 2013

Updating My Ipod!

Been updating my Ipod Shuffle today. Get tired of the music each month and load new stuff. Use it primarily for the gym, as I am afraid to use it outside due to those damn rattlers....gotta be able to hear them! There is a guy at the gym who drives a fairly new corvette, but, like in the picture, he runs around listening to music with his Ipad, sets it on machines, and stuffs it in his shorts. Of course I have a best friend who owns a porsche boxter and a 1984 sony tv........go figure!
Even though my back is still sore, I was able to put in a good running week last week. Got in 41K of running over 4 days.....two easy runs of 11 and 12K, and two runs of 9K, one including 20 minutes of billat 30-30 intervals, the other including four 6 minute cruise intervals with two minute recoveries. Will go easy this week, as I have decided to run another 5K on saturday morning. That way I will get my run in, then do some shopping before picking up Little E in El Paso in the evening. I plan to put him thru some short and long intervals next week to see what kind of shape he is REALLY in!

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TerribleTerry said...

no updates from the road??? Boooooo