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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Casa Is Repaired!

The Casa Xntrix has been repaired. They finished up the last of the stucco work today, and I followed that up with a bunch of painting, and cleaning up of their mess. Have a few more things to do outside, but in general, the outside of the house is squared away. Two of my near bye residents are also experiencing the same problem I had, and have contracted to get their houses either partially or fully re-stuccoed. Those jobs and the new I-Hop are gonna make a good christmas for Lopez plasterers.
Since the stucco folks were here the last two mornings at 7:30 playing that polish christmas music mexican music and blocking the driveway with trucks, I ended up running the race sunday, a longer run yesterday, and a shorter easy day today for three run days in a row. So, NOW I will hit the gym tomorrow and friday, and run short on thursday, in preparation for my race saturday. Had a few minor sore spots monday after the race, but feel pretty normal today. So, 10K of crazy hard trail will be in the cards on saturday.....

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