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Thursday, May 8, 2014

4 Days Of Running In A Row!

Due to Deb's PT and other scheduling issues, ended up running 4 days in a row, something very unusual for me these days. Sunday I raced hard on a tough hilly course. Monday, I did a short recovery run which was in hot wind, and a damn drag. Tuesday Deb was at PT, so I drove over to NMSU and warmed up on the soccer fields, and then did 20 minutes on the track of alternating sprinting the straightaways, and jogging the curves. Then, after a 5 minute recovery, I completed 8 short hill sprints, and then cooled down for a total of 8K. It was a cloudless 88 degrees, and when I got home in the evening and downloaded the data, I realized I had pushed a bit too hard. On wednesday, we had steady 30 MPH winds early with 65 MPH gusts. I waited until almost 5 to go out to run. Ran an easy 8K, and then came home to do some watering before I went in for dinner. Didn't get that far. When I got into the back yard, I noticed tree branches were against the back window. Thought they had broken, but when I went around to the western side of the tree, I found out that my elder tree had blown out of the ground, and was laying at a 45 degree angle. So, I ran over to ronnie and dan's and borrowed a saw, and topped the tree off. Then I went and got Joe, who helped me right it and stake it out. The ball was generally intact, so I am hoping that the damn thing lives. If so, it will eventually fill in again. I had just gotten it to the height to block the summer sun in the master bedroom for Deb, and probably on the last windy period of the year, over it goes.
Today Deb hit the doctor in Silver City and I got a day off from running. After the docs, we ate at a new brew pub. Good beer and food. Tomorrow I will run again in Las Cruces while Deb PTs. Then I will hit the gym on saturday and run again on sunday. I found another race when I was racing last sunday. It is another 5K on a golf course on saturday the 24th. Might as well squeeze all the ones in I can while I am temporarily healthy.....

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TerribleTerry said...

hopefully the golf course race is on the grass but smooth and solid footing.