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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another Solid Week!

Fairly good 5 days of running this week. Ran 10K on tuesday a 10, 8, and 8 minute set of tempo intervals with 3 minute recoveries. Wednesday was 8K easy. Thursday was 8k in ankle deep soft sand in Las Cruces after getting the car services. That one left me particularly sore that afternoon and the next day. Saturday was 12K, with 10K easy followed bye 2K at around 5 mile race pace. Today I finished an easy 8K in a drizzly cool afternoon. S0 46K for the week. Next week will be a taper week into saturdays evening 5K race.
Chris and AD came out saturday afternoon and I fed them some goat cheese and pate'. They went over to June's for dinner, and then Chris came back for some bourbon tasting in the evening. He brought me a nice box of stuff. A long and short sleeve technical T-shirt, and nice super fleece blanket, a nalgene water bottle, and best of all, the exact same $140 sun glasses that my best bud Ernie "borrowed" from me during our last vacation in Vegas. So I will have them and the short sleeve technical T for the trip to Philly.....

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