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Monday, February 8, 2016

Will Carter's Call Of 1575 Be Right?

My Buddy CBW was on Fast Money today, and laid out his full chart of where he thinks the bottom will land in 2016.....1575! He again reiterated that 1780 will trigger an accelerated fall. He may be right, he may not, but I will certainly stay short, hedged, and cautious until somewhere near there. I added more gold (GLD) and long term treasuries to the mix. I am up just a few hundred bucks in the green in 2016, but certainly could have been down  substantially more than 10 percent. I have developed a list of 10 stocks I want to own once I think that bottom or near bottom comes. And then I will slowly move in to the market over a couple months.
Today reached 62 degrees, so after hitting the gym, I went out and washed the car for the first time since the dealer did it for me after getting service in September. Ernie would have given me a C+ grade. I did push myself to try and run on Saturday and Sunday for 6 kilometers each day. Back is still not quite right, but since we are actually due for three days of high 60's and low 70's, will try to get out for short runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A shirtless day possible? Then, over the weekend, we bring in another cold snap. So, we will see how things with this fragile spine work out....

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