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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soldiering On Into The New Year!

Had a good 4 days at the Gym this week. Seem to be getting all of my strength back in both upper body and around the bad knee and ankle. Still can't get past about 130 degrees ROM, and the most aggravating thing is still the knee stiffness that starts around 60 degrees ROM and gets slowly stiffer from there. I see the Doc on January 12th, although I don't see him doing or recommending anything beyond what I am currently doing. Lost two people on Christmas day, my friend Tony's wife Judy, and the flowershop boys good friend Richard. I hope that for the New Year, all those I hold dear stay healthy and happy!

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TerribleTerry said...

On the brighter side....Lyuda and I were watching the movie "The Soloist" and she said she thought you looked like Robert Downey Jr. Or he looks like you...or something to that effect. So although you have a broken back, knee, feet, could still qualify as his double if he was playing a gimp and needed a stand in.