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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Got up to go to the Gym this morning, and was surprised to see a good couple inches of snow. Very rare sight here. This is just a picture of the house with a coating of snow. Hit the Gym for the usual hour of Exercycle with some short tempo periods in the 2nd half hour, followed up with an hour of free weights and weight machines. Getting all my strength back, but the knee seems to be at somewhat of a standstill. If the weather cooperates, may try to do a few short jogs during a walk on new years weekend. We will see. Am anxious to start, but still don't know if the knee is ready!! Strange spot to be in. Anyway, been using the quesadilla and panini makers to make lunches for sue and deb after the Gym. Lots of good fun.....

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

How'd the new car do in the snow? Tell Susie she has to shovel the walk for room and board.