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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Plan (Phase 1)

Well, here is the plan that I intend to follow thru the end of February. IF it works and there are no setbacks, it should get me to about 20 miles per week over 5 days of running by the end. ( It starts with 5 minute jogs (I did 4 ugly ones today) and slowly builds to 10 minute jogs, and finally up to a last long run of about 55 minutes. That is a long way off. We shall see! In order to also keep up with my rehab work at the gym, will have to get used to doing some of it on those damn treadmills. No matter how it goes, I have to get to the end of it before I get to Phases 2 thru 5. (Will cover those IF I ever get there...) My boy terrible is on his way to Ohio today to help his mom Dawnie. She has a lump on her breast that they will remove and biopsy, so keep her in your prayers if you are so inclined......

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