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Friday, January 15, 2010

Have I Run Out Of Running Lives?

I have certainly had my comebacks over the past 34 years of running. First I had a problem with Asthma, where I needed to get diagnosed and obtained medication to allow me to really start running well. Then there were a variety of minor injuries, followed by a back surgery, surgery on both feet, and later, three more back surgeries. This attempted return to running is the hardest so far. I think that there are 4 main factors in this: 1) I was able to take hard hour walks after about 3 or 4 days from each of the back surgeries. Similarly, I could take more genteel walks after the foot surgery. This time, with the cast and the boot, I was pretty much immobile for 3 months. So I got much more unfit. 2) I am much older now. After hurting my foot a few years ago while visiting my son in Virginia, it took me approximately 8 months, including a 4 week layoff, to get the foot to heal. Never had a minor injury take that long to heal before. 3) Although the fractures in my knee and ankle are mostly completely healed, the soft tissue injuries, many of which I have no real diagnosis of, are more difficult to work thru. My attempts over the last 10 days to start jogging outside and on the treadmill at the gym, have caused some pains in areas under and below my kneecap, and around my ankle in general. Added to this, my lower back on the right side (injury side) tightens up from my dysfunctional form and causes pain. 4) I can see that I don't have full range of motion in my knee, but I also think that I have some range limitations in my ankle. Because of this, My jogging form is pretty poor from foot plant thru leg lift, and it is probably going to take months before I can work thru this. There is an old saying about "it's not being important how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up". While this is certainly true, you DO have to get up one more time more than you fall for it to work. Some day, you just can't get up. Not sure if this is that time, but I promise, I will try really hard for it not to be!!

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