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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got My Grocery Carrying Muscle Back!

Well, after about 7 weeks of hard work, I have gotten my upper body grocery bag carrying muscles back. I am not genetically designed to lift weights and to get any bigger than most guys who just sit around eating Doritos. My experience has always been, after about 2 months of hard work I hit a limit, and the effort from then on just becomes maintenance. I am totally o.k. with that, as I just want to have strength to do maintenance tasks, carry the groceries, and to carry my upper body in a position to allow me to run well. Have also been doing a lot of core exercises for my stomach and lower back, because my prime exercise which I have done over the last few years I just can't do yet because it involves lifting my opposite arm and leg from a kneeling position, and my cranky knee just doesn't like that very much. Anyway, this week so far I have run 3 times, all three with an interval around 32 to 38 minutes, and then a short 2nd one at a faster clip just to try and stretch out my stride. Been cutting back the Exercycle to 20 minutes after the run. Still have horrid weather coming in from California, so have only gotten out once to try and run in the dirt/mud. It is raining now and may snow tonight. I hope after 5 weeks of the La Nina pattern from the cold ocean, it has just about run its course.....

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TerribleTerry said...

So I’ve been learning a song to play for my mom. I found one for you that just sums up your condition since September. I think I could play it, but we’ll see.