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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Hard Week!

Ran 23 miles over 5 days this week. Ran 5 miles outside, which make me sore that evening, and even resulted in a bit of icing with the old pees. Will have to try and slowly start with 2 days a week outside and 3 inside, and then work up to 3 outside for a while. The pain under the kneecap is now mostly gone; just some pain below and on the inside of the kneecap with some generalized knee soreness. I ran into my young buddy at the gym today who broke his leg crosswise with bone sticking out the skin. He has made amazing progress, but after you progress easily, it all slows down and gets frustrating. I tried to remind him of how far we have come, and to put some goal out there at least a year from now so that you don't compare each and every workout with the last. Of course if this would have happened to me in my late 20', I would have gone insane. Guess you do get somewhat more patient as you get older. At almost 60, I am a better person than I was at 40, and so much better than I was at 20. Guess that is a better way to go......
Waiting for our neighbors Ronnie and Dan to arrive later. We are going to the Adobe Deli for steaks and burgers later. I usually only have a burger once or twice a month, but i sure do enjoy them when I have them.

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