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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hills For Limb Strength!

Ran 6 days this week for a total of 30 miles. Don't know why I ran 6 days, but it didn't cause me much strain. It wouldn't work once I started doing a real long run and threshold work. Five days a week, with three of them moderate/easy and two hard is about all I can handle at this age. Did 2 short threshold days, one day with short sprints, and two days with sharp short treadmill hill repeats. I have been reading a new training book on adaptive training, and one of the constants for all runners, elite to me, is to include short hill sprints and longer hill repeats at threshold heart rate. The science behind it is that the short hill repeats are strength builders from hips to feet. The author identifies a number of elite athletes he has coached who have been injury prone, who have been able to get over their injuries and increase their mileage after a few months of short hill sprints. The longer hill repeats of 4 or 5 minutes at threshold heart rate are low impact speed work.I will give it a try. I will actually start to train for a fall 10K once I return from my visit to my friend Billy in Philly. It will be a transition there to move from 3 days outside to full outside. Hopefully I will be able to find some grass and dirt to run on there.

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