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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Keeping Out Witches!

Got in 27 miles this week, with two runs outside. I did one day of short hill repeats at the Gym, and one day of beginning threshold work of 8 minutes, 4 minutes, and 4 minutes outside. Heart rate jumped between 152 and 155 bpm pretty fast, and didn't recover much during the recovery interval. Not unusual at the beginning of threshold work. Just shows how out of shape I am. Goal over the next few months is to get a continuous 30 minutes of threshold work without getting my heart rate above 155. Will be interesting!
My Mexican Elder tree was delivered yesterday. My neighbor Joe is going to help me finish planting it today. I got most of the hole dug yesterday, but hit hard clay about 2 foot in, and had to use a hand pick and water to break it up. It is a 3 foot tree at present. They grow fast, and reach 20 to 25 foot if left to their own devises. I will try and keep it sort of bonsia'd and not let it get taller than I can trim on a ladder, but work off of only a few branches and let it get wide. It should shade the Master bedroom in the summers some day. The one pictured above is full grown. Elder trees are supposed to ward off witches, and harry potters magic wand is made from elder. You can eat the elderberries when ripe, but all the rest of the tree contains cyanide and is poisonous. Cutting down an elder tree is bad luck, so I won't be doing that. Beautiful weather yesterday and today, and frost warnings are over, so I will also put in the melons today. I have one type of small Watermelon, one Krenshaw, and two Cantaloupe. Hope they do as well as my last two years Mellon patch.

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