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Monday, April 5, 2010


My Border Patrol buddy who has been rehabbing with me at the gym was there today. He broke his leg about 6 inches above his ankle in a motorcycle accident. His break was across, and ended up with bone coming thru his skin on the inside of his leg. He is about 3 weeks behind me in total rehab, so we constantly compare notes. He is now starting to run a bit outside, but is staying more on the exercycle than I am. He is also an ex college linebacker and an exercise beast. He does exercises at the gym that I have to purposely turn away from cause they scare me. Anyway, today he caught me coming off of 7 miles on the treadmill, and started talking about Steve Prefontaine. Now, Pre died before he was born. Pre, like Ernie, Frank, and I, was born in 1951. Passed away in a car flip in his convertible in May 1975. Now my buddy knows him first from the movies, and then looking crap up on the goooglytubes. Today he gave me a new nickname......Post! He says I'm like Post-Fontaine. Funny!
Talked to my friend Billy today. They did the Pet scan and found the cancer in his right lung to be fairly small. No other cancer was found in his abdomen. They did find a bit of fluid in the top of his left lung. They didn't see cancer, but will pull the fluid tomorrow and check the area with some biopsies. IF there is no cancer there, things are set for surgery on April 13th. IF there is cancer there, they will instead go with a round of chemo. Can't be operating on two lungs at the same time. Will find out thursday or later what they find. Today I went in to see my Ortho doc to try and get my x-rays done and get my appointment moved up. They still haven't gotten an x-ray tech, and they had no earlier appointments, so I canceled my appointment for April 20th, and rescheduled for May 20th. I feel pretty close to good at this time, so waiting doesn't bother me. Also called Paul at Progressive, and he said the claim can be open up to 6 years, so no big deal. He thinks they might just come up with an offer for me in about 30 days. I can take it, or, ask to wait until a later period to make a decision. We shall see......

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