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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ball Of Souls!

When I was with my friend Billy over those recent past 5 weeks, we spent a lot of time discussing everything from why our balls now hang lower than our penises, to what happens to us after we die. Now much more time was spent on the latter than anything else, and we came up with the concept of the "Ball Of Souls". In our theory, the more enlightened you are, the less self absorbed you are, the more ready you are to join the "Ball" when you die. The "Ball" is the collection of all souls that have ever existed along with the creator/force or "GOD". In order to join the "Ball", you must give up all of your conscious self and that means any and all things that separate you from the rest of the universe. This has to start with letting go of the illusion of your uniqueness and separateness, and all of your memories. As both of us were raised catholic, we can translate some concepts of our upbringing to fit our theory. Purgatory is when you are in that place between death and the "Ball", yet are lost due to your inability to let go of your sense of self. Bill believes that those people who have near death experiences and see dead loved ones, they are there to help you make this transition. If you can't let go of that separateness, your purgatory is very long. Much of the concept of Jesus, is taking on that individual sense of self, and the fight to sacrifice that in order to be reunited with GOD. As a younger fellow, I spent a lot of time studying eastern philosophy and religion, and much of their concept of enlightenment comes from recognizing that, in reality, we are not uniquely separate from all of the rest of life that surrounds us. Now, if you think about it, much that we can attribute to feelings for others, empathy, and the concept that we are our brothers keepers, relates to seeing others as we see ourselves. a sense of selflessness that logically comes from being able to see yourself in others. Much that we attribute to selfishness, the sense that we are all unique and more special than others, that we have things and they don't due to some failure or defect on their part, even to wars, ethnic cleansing, all forms of sociopathic behavior, corporatocracy, environmental destruction, and the worst sin of all, just looking the other way, are all manifestations of not being able to see the GOD that exists in each and all of us. I hope that Billy and I and everyone I know and love don't get to the "Ball" too soon, but I take comfort in the hope that I will get to "spoon" with everyone I have ever loved.

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