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Thursday, June 17, 2010

L5-S1 Disk Level!

Well, my radiculopathy from my L5-S1 disk level is flaring up really nastily. Makes both my forefoot bottoms buzz, as well as those odd tingling and burning sensations in my hamstrings. Went to the gym today but did not run. trying to keep running to 4 days this and next week outside. not trying to get any fitter, just to not loose too much while I try and get this buzzing to stop. Had gotten some improvements while in Jersey, but since I got home and fooled around with that inversion table, got it all going again. it has been 6 weeks since i did that stupid exercise and hurt it, and I hope I can get it fixed over the next 6 weeks. If that fails, will need to go see a back doc, and probably start the process of lumbar steroid shots, and if that fails, see what else is possible. Sure would like not to have any more surgeries. Got enough holes and scars to last my lifetime. There's a country song which has, as part of it's chorus, "Life's mostly scars and souvenirs". I generally have enough of both. They should just install a zipper in my lower back!! Anyway, enough whining. Weather has been beautiful all week, and looks to be the same for most of the next 10 days. Got the yard completely squared away now. Melons are growing well, and everything else is doing just dandy!

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