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Monday, June 14, 2010

Following Directions!

Like my friends Ernie and Billy, and my son Terrible, I am not always so good at following that directions thing. I always expect to intuitively know how to use something. This is o.k. most of the time, but not so good on things like electronic items and health and fitness equipment. I recently bought a cheap inversion table from amazon for 90 bucks. it shipped for free since I have that amazon prime thing. That saved me about 40 bucks. since I live in bum-f@&K-nowhere, and do most all purchasing online for anything other than basics at "the walmart", that prime has gotten everything shipped two day priority, and saved me probably $200 bucks in the past 6 months. Well, I did follow the 800 page instructions on how to put the inversion table together, but didn't bother spending ten minutes reading the instructions on how to use it. The first night, I used the inversion about 40 degrees below horizontal for about 3 minutes. felt pretty good and stretched things out. the next time I went just shy of full monkey hanging for about 3 minutes, and was sore and had feet and hamstrings buzzing like a fire alarm all the next two days. seems you are supposed to work from about 30 degrees below horizontal for about the first two weeks. I always find creative ways to hurt myself when I am trying to fix myself. will leave it alone for a week, and then start over very carefully! Had my blood draw for my annual physical today. It goes quickly, but ends up costing me about $400 because the insurance blows and the doctor does tests that aren't covered in a physical. Have a lot to do in the next three months. dental, skin, physical, etc. Kaching$$$$$$$!!

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TerribleTerry said...

I go for an upper endoscopy tomorrow. They'll be looking down my throat while someone's looking up your old...................