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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Timeless Friends

As most of you know, I am visiting and caring for a friend who is going thru chemotherapy and daily lung draining as part of his mesothelioma treatment. We were talking about how close friends can be apart for long periods, yet feel like they were never separated when together. His gal Kwon had asked him right before I arrived, "you haven't seen tom in 5 years, how do you think it will be?". Bill said, "within an hour, we will be screwing with each other". we were. There was really no sense of absence between us. I have had similar experiences with my friends Mary, Ernie, Rick, and my boy Terry. I have never been away from my bride for any length of time thank God, but that would be the same. That is one of the signs of having real friends I think. You never have a lot, but having a handful is one of life's true blessings. Call it selfish, but I hope they are all around as long as I am.

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