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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blind Melon Collie Baby!

Had a good day at the gym today. Ran into my border patrol buddy who is rehabbing from his motorcycle crash of 10 months ago. He had that old bone sticking thru the leg and coming out the side thing. Big 200 lb. muscular fellow is he. I am 11 months on from being whacked by the truck, so I always was his measuring stick to see where he thought he would be a month later. He is, like me, left with some permanent minor issues, but fought his way back also. He is being sent to Arizona for 60 days to work the border there. He is not happy about the drive from Lordsburg (2 hours), and working an area where he doesn't know the traps, trails, and levels of violence. Will miss him for awhile. Told him to stay safe. Anyway, got home after doing some grocery shopping and watered the veggies and melons. There are about 8 large melons now, three cantaloupe, and 5 who the hell knows. I threw in all these strange heritage melon seeds, and don't quite know what they are. There are 2 melons that are larger than basketballs and green like a watermelon, but I think they might be crenshaws. We will see when they ripen and I can cut them open. The cantaloupe look like I will be eating them in the next two weeks. Besides wrapping around the rose bush, the plant is starting to go over the wall after Joe! Feed me Seymour.....

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TerribleTerry said...

excellent news about billy!