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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Congress Is Broken!

Yesterday, Congressman Weiner went ballistic when the house was not able to authorize the 9/11 responders health care act to provide treatment for those heroes who ran in to try and save those who were trapped, and tried for months after to find those who may still be alive. Now the repugnicants wouldn't vote for the bill, cause to pay for it, the democrats had language to close some loopholes for companies that had offshore addresses to avoid paying corporate taxes in the united states. And God knows, those repugnicants don't want some corporation that is lobbying them and providing them all that cash at the expense of taxes due the American people to have to pay their fair share. And the Pussycrats, who are always afraid of everything that could effect their election campaigns, had made this a bill where you had to get a 2/3's majority to avoid the repugnicants adding an amendment to block care for any of those responders if they WEREN'T AMERICAN CITIZENS!! The pussycrats are afraid to do anything that looks like they don't want to kill all the illegals. Now, I have felt that our congress is completely broken and only salvageable if we go to public elections with no lobbying monies allowed. All that congressmen do now is collect money for their coffers and run for reelection. On the day they are elected, they are off and running again. What law did they pass yesterday with a 2/3's majority? The right to keep your firearms in the event you file a bankruptcy petition. Fuck me......

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

I read a quote somewhere that the losers of the general election usually have the easiest time raising money immediately following.

Once everyone figures out that losing is the best way to make money, they'll be fighting each other to lose.