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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pretty Good Week!

Ran pretty much what I set out to run this week. Much better than last week's struggles. I ran 6 miles twice, one with a 5k threshold in the middle, and the other with 4X800 at a reasonable speed; one I hope I could hold for a 5k. Then a hilly 4 miles on the treadmill, and an 8 miler slow with the last 10 minutes run fairly briskly. I have been reading this book and trying to run more by feel than by schedule or heart rate. One of the things it suggests is rating your runs. So, I have 1 for excellent, 2 for very good, 3 for good, 4 for fair, 5 for poor, and 0 for zombie death march. Last week I had two of those. For this week, 2 were good, one fair, and one very good. It is a way to get a better sense of when you need rest and when you need to push more. We shall see. Weather helped due to it being much cooler this past week than the last 4 weeks. This week will be a bit shorter as I am going to run a 5k in el paso on Saturday. I want to get a better sense of my lack of fitness, and a better idea of what my training paces should be based on how I do. I will then do a 5 mile trail race two weeks later. I found out that I will qualify to run in the 60-64 age group next july at the new mexico senior games, as they go by what your age is at the end of the calender year. So, need to start to prepare myself slowly for a good 10k. We shall just never know what is gonna happen.....

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