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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feed The Machine!

Had a fairly decent period of running over the last 10 days. Will begin to taper a bit between now and Saturday, when I will run a very hilly 5 miler in the Franklin Mountains in El Paso. This race will be the opposite of last weeks 5K, where I went downhill for half, and then uphill for the second half. This will be a hilly generally uphill slog, and then a reverse. Hope to again run a performance adjusted time equal to running under my age. That would mean a 46:51 or lower in this race. Might be tough depending on how hilly this is. Anyway, my back is better and knee is good, but now I am having trouble with my left foot top where it meets the ankle. That is where Terrible Terry tried to break me a few years ago. Have been icing it, and with only 2 easy runs before the race, Hopefully will clear up!
If you watch any business news now you will keep hearing all this whining about the expiration of the tax cuts for the rich, and how companies won't spend their excess cash or hire any employees due to coming health care and financial reform implementation and the mid term elections. Market will be quite challenged between now and November. Japan has closed below 9000 due to yen/dollar issues, but in the long run, just has to be a raging buy. Down 10% in 26 years! Anyway, prepare for the coming election cycle with all the corporate lobbying money to tell you that they need tax breaks and more corporate stimulus to get the machine going. Course, we will get to that old trickle down crap soon....

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