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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Embarrased By Your Country; Do Something!

I keep struggling lately with all of the racism, homophobia, and total lack of empathy that I keep seeing on all these cable news shows and on our evening news. How have we strayed so far from our principles of freedom of religion, equality, and moved to this place of weird white isolationism again. God, it just scares me how much this election will focus on hating some groups again, and how this gets those unstable folks to act out in some violent fashion like the asshole who knifed the Muslim cab driver in New York City; a man who has driven a taxi for 22 years and has 4 children to support. We have troops in harms way and we profess to try and bring religious freedom and democracy to other parts of the world while we show the world how actually racist and fucking evil we are at home. Makes them even greater targets. Anyway, in times like these, you need to be able to do just something to counteract things like Glen Becks asinine "Beconing" brought to you by Goldline on Saturday. So please, take this opportunity to just give $10 bucks to the following folks who put on those free clinics around the country every few months. The average person going to these clinics has not seen a doctor in over 5 years....think about that! Please do this and make Glen Beck cry.....

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