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Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Humbling To Humiliating In 5 Short Miles!

Last evening Deb and I and our neighbors Ronnie and Dan ate and drank at the newly opened Deming Brewing Co. It is nice to have local brewed beer and pub food available here in Deming. I joined the Beer Club for $80. I get my own 24 oz. embossed mug (it will say xntrik tom) which stays there and when I go, I get 24 oz. of beer for the price of 16 oz. plus 10% off for all food and merchandise purchases. Don't be surprised if you get something this Christmas that is logo related! ( Anyway, I drove for 2 hours today to run a 5 mile race in Mclellan Canyon in the Franklin Mountains. The course went up hill for two miles, down hill for two and a half, and then back up for a half. On top of that, it was constant sharp short up and down hill repetitions the whole way. In my head, I had planned a goal pace of 9 minute miles and a finish of 45 minutes. The first mile and a half of uphill slogging was totally insane. Many of the people around me started walking. It freaked me out. At two miles my time was 21:30 and my knee was sore from all the sharp short downhills. I knew that 45 minutes was totally gone. I do some hills occasionally on the treadmill, but otherwise, Deming is pancake flat. This about killed me. I ended up running 51:15. The guy who won my age group was 6th overall and ran 44:53. I was 5th or 6th in the age group and just crushed by all these young early 50's whippersnappers. Will never run this race again. One and done. Gotta look for some flatter stuff over the next 3 months!

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