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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Want A Shot At Redemption!

Didn't have a very good running week, other than the fact that my knee got a chance to heal most of the way up. I ran 4 times for a total of 24 miles, with a long run of 8. I tried to do both shorter and longer intervals this week, but after only a few intervals, I couldn't get my heart rate to recover very well, and I felt very tired. Ended up with two aborted interval sessions. I think that the 10K last Saturday took a greater measure out of me than I first suspected. Anyway, I have three weeks before I take a shot at redeeming myself in a 5 mile race. I have had both a good 5K and 10K, but a pretty awful 5 miler. I will take another shot on 10/17. The course is flatter, and the weather should be a good 10 degrees cooler by then. I will try to get in about 56 miles of total running over the next two weeks with good intervals and threshold sessions, and then do another taper week before the race. I expect that we should start moving into the low 80's over the next two weeks, so that should help some also. It sure has been a long hot spell this year from May thru September. I have a chance to run in an inaugural half marathon in Las Cruces in December, but I am just not sure that I want to try and do the long runs necessary to be able to do it justice. I will decide after I do this 5 Miler in October.

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