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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Experiment Of One!

The other day at the Gym, I was done working out, and was eating a protein bar looking at the magazines folks donate. A lot of old timers read magazines while they spin on exercycles or do elyptical work. Anyway, the owners of the gym (a chiropractor and his wife a physical therapist) are runners and triathletes, and leave triathlete magazine when they are done with it. I usually look at the shoe reviews and running articles, and general medical articles. In the October 2010 issue, there was an article about antioxidants as the fountain of youth for over 40 athletes. The article referenced a study at the University of California conducted on 16 bicycling geezers who were between 50 and 73 and rode a minimum of 4 hours a week. They split them in half, and gave 8 a particular supplement, and 8 a placebo. After a week, the supplemented group raised their anaerobic threshold by 16.7%. They maintained it during the full 4 weeks that they were studied. Now that is pretty dramatic. That would correspond to a good 20 to 30 seconds a mile at the paces I race at. Seems pretty doubtful to me! So, I then referenced the study to see what the damn supplement was. That took me to a product produced only by Herbalife called Nightworks. The formula for niteworks was produced by Nobel Laurette Dr. Lou Ignarro. He won the prize in 1998 for heart research on the role of nitric oxcide in vascular function. His research is about it's use in preventing and reversing heart disease. He developed this product to open and relax blood vessels, and allow antioxidents to repair vessels damage. Anyway, whatever! I want to see if it really does work on performance! So, I internet shopped until I found the best price with free shipping, and for $66, it arrived today! It is a one month supply, and you take it in the evening before bed. I will give you a report in 2 weeks or so to let you know weather It was a miracle product or just another snooker job! I'll keep you posted!

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