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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sometimes, Shit Just Lines Up!

I had my 10K experiment this morning. Now I have been struggling all week with a very sore inside knee, and went into this with much trepidation. Yesterday I spent much of the day alternating between my little portable ultrasound unit and icing. When I got to the venue, I did my registration duties, pinned on my number, and took out my two knee sleeves. The first one I tried is more moderate in control. It has small metal coils on the side that allow some flexibility, but is still fairly stable. I warmed up with that and had little knee pain, but it created some havoc in my already abnormal old man stride. So, I went to the basic compression sleeve. This allowed a more normal running motion, but also kept the basic pain almost at bay. So, I opted to run the race in that. I started fairly conservatively, but warmed up well with little discomfort. The race started around 88 degrees, and got to about 93 before I finished. I actually didn't wilt in the heat, and my last 2.2 miles was the fastest part of my race. I ended up in 55:50, an 8:58 pace, and well under my goal of not going over my age (58:50). I was thoroughly trounced by both a 50 and a 51 year old, but ended up third, beating the other 5 old fucks in the age group! happy with that. Also won a timex triathlon watch in the raffle, and terry wasn't there to take it away from me! On the way home I stopped at the McDonalds by the outlets for 2 breakfast burritos and some coffee. I noticed a large tent by the front of the outlets. Thought maybe they were selling cars or something. On the way out I noticed an adidas sign on the tent. I checked it out and it was an adidas tent sale! Awesome stuff for dirt cheap prices. I got 2 technical T's for 8 bucks each, 2 pair of supernova black shorts for 12 bucks each, and a nice 2010 Boston Marathon Hoodie for 20 bucks. It is nice and soft, so Mary may try and steal it when she visits next. So, all in all, it was a pleasant and successful day where my shit lined up!

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

geez old man. Hearing you describe the things you had to wear to help your knee pain had me picturing Forest Gump in his leg braces. Also....just because I wasn't there doesn't mean I won't still try to steal that watch.