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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Solid Early Fall Week!

Some days after I run, I feel like I still have a few more years in me. Some mornings when I first get moving, I hope I have a few more years in me!! The Yin and Yang of a long running life.
I had a fairly good and hard run week. Ran a total of 31 miles over 5 runs. a three and a nine mile easy run. two six milers; one with 2 1/2 miles at threshold, and one with 8 bye approximately two tenths mile (I do them by time), and a really hard 7 miler where I first did 5 by 1/4 at Mile speed, recovered for 5 minutes, and then 4 by 1/2 at 5K pace. That one was pretty darn hard, and I was especially sore the next morning. Did my wobbly ankle sore feet shuffle for a good half hour upon arising. Took some time on the exercycle at the gym to loosen all that up.
Next week will be fairly easy as I will try and run a decent 10K on Saturday. Hope it is cool and flat in this suburb of El Paso. Oh, the symbols are the Chinese representation of the beginning of fall......

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