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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red Chili Cheeseburger!

Ran a bit more this week to prepare for the 10K on the 18th. Have one more week to work, and then I will be taking an easy week before the race. Ran a 9 mile long run, a 4 mile easy run, and two 7 milers. On one, I ran 4 bye 3/4 mile at hoped for 10K race pace. On the other I did a progressive run designed to make me run hard when tired. I did the first 1.5 miles at warm up pace, 1.5 miles at easy pace, 1.5 miles at moderate pace, 1.5 miles at threshold, and 1 last mile at expected 10K pace. That one was damn hard. Woke up pretty sore the next day.
Took sister Suzi to K-Mart and Walmart today to get some basic stuff that was too big for her usual bus days. She got new bedding and a shower curtain, and we put that all on/up. I bought some Anaheim peppers (those are the long green pepper varieties,and sometimes red, that are grown and roasted all around us in Deming and Hatch) and brought them home and roasted them in the oven under a low broiler. You roast them till the skin turns brown, take them out and bag them, and a half hour later, the skin falls off in the bag and you seed and bag them in freezer bags for use now, or freezing for use later. I try and pick out the ones that are partly or wholly red, as they are mildly hot. They will be available for another three weeks or so, and then gone for another year. Deb and I had Colorado sweet corn and cheeseburgers for dinner. Mine was a nice red chili cheeseburger. mmmmmmmmmm.

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