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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artificial Repair!

Got in a pretty solid 31 mile week. Did a 7 miler with 2 3/4 @ threshold. Did a 6 miler with 6 bye .35 miles below 5K race pace. Did a 4 and 5 mile recovery run, and a 9 mile long run. Ended up hurting the top of my left foot after the long run. Did the exercycle the next morning, and then started the alternating ice and ultrasound treatment. Did that 5 times the day after the long run, and 3 times before my next run two days later. In my youth, I was pretty much able to just heal pretty naturally from almost everything within a few days. Not so in my crotchety old age. I purchased this ultrasound unit shortly after getting out of my cast from the crash, and it was a godsend in allowing me to rehab, but then repair the damage shortly thereafter. Since coming back to running, I have used it repeatedly to cut injuries in the bud, and allow me to keep my milage up. Lets hope this continues.....

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