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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old Men Run As If They Fear To Leave The Ground!

Read this quote in a runners book I was reading recently. How true. Gravity becomes something you have to pay attention to. Running can be broadly described as different from walking in that there is a period, albeit short in my case, where both feet are off the ground. I was doing a long run today. The weather was cool (72)and windy, and I had to wear a shirt for the first time since mid April. The good news was that I could run mid day instead of waiting for sundown. As I plodded along, I was thinking about how short my stride has become and how little height I get on my lift phases. No wonder I trip a lot!! I have tried hill repeats on the treadmill, and harder sprints on the exercycle, but they have done little to effect this. I guess I can try bounding or those high knee kick marching exercises, but I am afraid I would only find a new way to hurt myself. Can afford that outcome even less. So I guess I will just keep shuffling along while I can.....

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

do a "skip" exercise. The landing isn't that bad like a box jump would be. Need to develop hip power.